Manufacturer Search – Digital Marketing Opportunities

Available to all Manufacturers with listings in the Sweets & Snacks On Demand Manufacturer Search

Each manufacturer for the 2021 Sweet’s & Snacks Expo will receive a complimentary basic listing in the online directory, but your brand can stand out from the rest with a digital marketing package. Priced to fit your brand’s needs, these packages will maximize your brand exposure by taking advantage of one of the many offered enhanced listing options.

Cost: Packages start at $495

Interested? Contact Kyle Plymesser, Map Your Show: 513-527-8804 /

Standing out from the crowd isn’t an easy task, especially in a crowded category like candy or snacks. NCA’s customized sponsorship solutions use our respected position in the confectionery and snack industries to elevate your brand’s profile and get your brand or your product in front of the industry players who need to see it most. Would you like a higher profile within the confectionery and snack industry or a world-class activation for a recently launched product? Contact Kim Nolan at (202) 534-1462 or to discuss opportunities or create a customized sponsorship experience.

Sweets & Snacks On Demand

Sweets & Snacks On Demand is NCA’s new digital platform designed to create opportunities for the Sweets & Snacks Expo community to connect during COVID-19. Stocked with the latest products, industry insights and category innovations, Sweets & Snacks On Demand helps retailers find confectionery and snack manufacturers’ newest and most exciting products with just a few clicks while providing the industry knowledge necessary to make informed business decisions during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Manufacturer Search – Home Page Banner

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

Gain unprecedented exposure by taking advantage of this exclusive opportunity to display your brand image and message on the home page of the directory. Every retailer, manufacturer, broker and distributor accessing the Sweets & Snacks On Demand Manufacturer Search tool will see your banner front and center before they begin their Sweets & Snacks On Demand experience. Exclusive sponsorship is available to one manufacturer that has purchased the Diamond Package for the online directory.

Cost: $7,500

Interested? Contact Kyle Plymesser, Map Your Show: 513-527-8804 /

Unwrapped – Digital Learning Series Sponsorship

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

Take an active role in shaping the Sweets & Snacks On Demand’s digital learning series, Sweet Insights: Unwrapped. As a sponsor, your brand will be visible throughout the series and will have the opportunity to present an exclusive session. The series of 15 educational webinars runs from May – October, including the session dedicated to the sponsor.

  • Sponsor will be recognized throughout the Sweet Insights: Unwrapped marketing campaign.
  • Sponsor will receive recognition at the opening and close of each session, including a sponsor logo and marketing message on slide to close each session, and will be recognized in the session deck sent to participants after each session concludes.
  • Sponsor will be recognized on Sweets & Snacks On Demand and the NCA website, and the webinar listings will remain on the sites after they have concluded for continued exposure.
  • Sponsor will receive the registration list (name, title, company, company type) after each session.

Cost: $19,00

Interested? Contact Kim Nolan, NCA:

Candy & Snack TODAY

Candy & Snack TODAY is the official publication of NCA and the Sweets & Snacks Expo, giving sponsors incredible industry exposure specific to the confectionery and snack categories. Covering the industry from field to shelf, Candy & Snack TODAY’s peerless coverage features includes product news, retail insights, category updates and consumer trends, alongside production, processing, packaging and marketing information. Candy & Snack TODAY is the most comprehensive industry publication and the perfect advertising vehicle to reach decision makers in all areas of the business.

Digital Advertisement
The Candy & Snack TODAY web portal hosts the Sweets & Snacks On Demand Product Spotlight content. By publishing new content every week, we guarantee decision-makers will return to the site time and again throughout the summer and fall in search of new products and category insights. An industry-exclusive destination averaging 20,000+ impressions each month, the Candy & Snack TODAY site provides a range of opportunities for your message to hit its mark as each 300 x 250 ad appears on the homepage as well as all news story pages and product story pages.

Cost: Rates start at $1,850/month

Candy & Snack TODAY Product Spotlight E-Newsletter Advertisement

Candy & Snack TODAY’s bi-weekly emails share the latest industry news with nearly 12,000 buyers, merchandisers and category managers, as well as decision-makers across all manufacturing disciplines. With an average open rate of 20+ percent, these emails are a prime vehicle for reaching the industry with targeted messages. Both sponsored content and advertising opportunities are available, allowing you to customize your messaging to fit your needs.

Cost: Rates start at $350/issue

Sweets & Snack On Demand Product Spotlight Bonus Digital Issue Advertisement

This bonus issue of Candy & Snack TODAY will capture all of the content being presented online in a permanent, easy to access format. The digital presentation allows us to add product and editorial content throughout the course of the Sweets & Snacks On Demand program, ensuring readers will return many times over the course of the summer and fall, and beyond. Did you know Candy & Snack TODAY digital issues generate more than 100,000 page impressions each year?

Cost: Rates start at $750

Print Advertisement

Candy & Snack TODAY’s bi-monthly print issues deliver news, trends and insights for a global audience, covering the world’s largest confectionery market — the U.S. The July/August and September/October 2020 editions will feature bonus Sweets & Snacks On Demand content, including exclusive articles from Sweets & Snacks On Demand Unwrapped presenters.

The magazine is mailed to more than 12,000 recipients six times a year, and every issue is also available online, keeping your advertising message front and center with links from your ads to your website for added value. Candy & Snack TODAY’s digital issues drew more than 100,000 page views in 2019 alone.

Cost: Rates start at $2,300

Custom Digital Content

Candy & Snack TODAY can customize digital programs to your specific marketing and promotional strategies. Call or email to discuss.

Interested? For more information and custom quotes, contact Teresa Tarantino at 216-631-8200 /