“Sweets & Snacks On Demand has allowed me to review innovation that would have been presented at the Expo on my own time. It’s not the same as touching and tasting products, but it’s an efficient way to view products that allows me to identify items I might have interest in for our category review.”

Jennifer Dilts, Senior Buyer-Candy and Snacks, Dollar General

Interested in getting involved? Here’s three reasons why you can’t miss the opportunity to be represented on Sweets & Snacks On Demand.

1. We’re Getting Your Products in Front of the Right People.

The Sweets & Snacks On Demand audience is curated specifically for you and your business:

  • 12,000 verified and retailers and distributors have opted in to regularly receiving Sweets & Snacks On Demand promotions, 1,500+ of which are verified contacts from top retailers.
  • Make the connects you need, thanks to Sweets & Snacks On Demand’s audience of 1,500 confectionery and snack brokers.
  • Your peers are watching as well with more than 7,000 verified manufacturer contacts watching the platform.

2. We’re Seeing Proven Results.

The Sweets & Snacks On Demand platform is driving proven results for your business:

  • 70,000 members of the confectionery and snack industry have visited the platform over the last two months.
  • Over 25% of visitors to the Sweets & Snacks On Demand Innovation Center have returned for more.
  • More than 24,000 people have engaged with Sweets & Snacks On Demand content on products and the platform on social media.

3. We’re Just Getting Started.

Beginning October 23, we’re kicking off the second phase of Sweets & Snacks On Demand promotion expect to reach 1,000,000 industry impressions:

  • We’re launching a new email, telephone and digital marketing campaign to tap into the almost 100,000 Sweets & Snacks On Demand site visitors and social following.
  • New print and digital advertising opportunities will become available to participating manufacturers.
  • Candy & Snack TODAY is promoting new ongoing editorial coverage in major trade publications.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in Sweets & Snacks On Demand!

Get your piece of the action by setting up your profile and getting started.

Questions? Contact us at info@SweetsAndSnacks.com or call toll-free 1-833-336-3206.

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