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Barcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA

Vero® Takis™ Lollipop

We bring to you the newly launched Vero® Takis™ Lollipop Fuego™. It is a Takis™ shaped lollipop with spicy powder you can lick and dip in to make your own unique hot sucker. Made by leaders of Hispanic spicy candy, Vero® Takis™ Lollipop lets you choose and control your spice level. It has a unique chamoy flavor that, when combined with the spicy powder, gives an explosion of flavor and a new sensational experience. So wait no more and dig in to get the kick of flavor like never before. Visit us online

Product NameVero® Takis™ Lollipop
Company NameBarcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA
Product CategoryNon-chocolate
Package Net Weight2.54 oz
Item Dimensions4.72" (W) x 0.5" (D) x 9.45" (H)

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