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Barcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA

Takis® Blue Heat™

Takis® Blue Heat™ is the new flavor combination of Hot Chili Pepper and Lime in an intense blue color!
These rolled tortilla chips were launched in Summer 2019 as an In and Out with the highest consumer engagement and rotation.
Now, Takis® Blue Heat™ is here to stay!
Make sure to capture the young Gen Zers that are constantly looking for flavor innovation and intense Takis® variety.
Takis® Blue Heat™ will be available in 9.9oz in September and 4oz in November. Visit us online

Product NameTakis® Blue Heat™
Company NameBarcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA
Product CategorySalty Snacks
Ship Date Availability01/01/1970
Package Net Weight9.9 oz
Item Dimensions5.91" (W) x 1.9" (D) x 11" (H)

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