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Wabash Valley Farms

Straight From the Farm Microwave Popcorn Gift Set

This new gift set makes microwave cob popping so easy! The package includes 4 non-gmo popcorn cobs and 4 microwave bags (one bag per ear of corn). Each cob pops in 1-2 minutes in your microwave. Spice up your popcorn with the included 1oz. Fresh Picked Buttered Sweet Corn Popcorn Seasoning and 1oz. Baby Back Ribs Popcorn Seasoning. Each cob pops into large butterfly pieces of popcorn and will fill the entire microwave bag. Simply pull out the empty cob, and dig in! All four cobs pop into a total of 9 quarts of popcorn. The graphics on the packaging have clear instructions for use and depict a cornfield scene, straight from the farm. Consumers will not be able to get enough of this healthy alternative to microwave popcorn! Visit us online

Product NameStraight From the Farm Microwave Popcorn Gift Set
Company NameWabash Valley Farms
Product CategoryGourmet/Premium – Snacks
Package Net Weight11 oz
Item Dimensions10" (W) x 3" (D) x 12" (H)

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