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Starburst Gelatin Duo Variety Pack

The latest and greatest new product line for Starburst® is called DUOS, in which each individual chew is split with two different flavors in one: Strawberry-Watermelon and Blue Raspberry-Lemon. To build off this buzz, a variety pack of gelatins in the same fusion flavors of the chews was launched. This unique variety pack concept meets the demands of target consumers that are looking for fun and photo-worthy ways to mix and match their treats. Since launching in the Fall of 2019, it has taken the market by storm as the #1 Gelatin Variety Pack/Kit! Visit us online

Product NameStarburst Gelatin Duo Variety Pack
Company NameJel Sert Company
Product CategoryNovelty/Licensed – Snacks
Package Net Weight7.85 oz
Item Dimensions4.80" (W) x 2.00" (D) x 6.13" (H)

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