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Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

Sour Power® Passionfruit Straw Packages

SOUR POWER® PASSIONFRUIT Straw Packages is the most recent flavor to join the SOUR POWER® line and it is uniquely different from all of the other flavors. The intensely tart and juicy PASSIONFRUIT flavor is just like eating the real thing! The vibrant colors of the packaging, with the larger display window and new design features are truly eye-catching!
“We are very excited to introduce this new PASSIONFRUIT flavor to our line”, says Dorval President Roberta Cappel. “Our customers are always requesting new flavors and innovation and PASSIONFRUIT is our way of staying true to our brand and with the trend of unique and special flavors that are in the market.”
PASSIONFRUIT joins the other existing flavors and immensely popular line of Straw Packages including Mango, Sour Power Sortz® (4 color/4 flavor assorted pack), Strawberry, Wild Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Green Apple. All varieties in the Straw Package line are available in 24ct boxes for easy shelf display. This new product is ready to ship! Visit us online

Product NameSour Power® Passionfruit Straw Packages
Company NameDorval Trading Co., Ltd.
Product CategoryNon-chocolate
Package Net Weight1.75 oz
Item Dimensions2.25" (W) x 0.1875" (D) x 9.3125" (H)

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