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Conagra Brands

Slim Jim Monster Mild 1.94oz

1.94oz Monster Size Meat Stick, Mild Flavor. From the #1 Meat Stick brand, Slim Jim Monster Size sticks are growing 1.6x faster than the Meat Snacks category, with incredibly strong velocities, as consumers continue to trade up to bigger sizes. Mild is the #2 Slim Jim flavor. At 1.94oz, new Slim Jim Monster Mild sticks are packed with 11g of protein per stick. Visit us online

Product NameSlim Jim Monster Mild 1.94oz
Company NameConagra Brands
Product CategoryMeat Snacks
Package Net Weight1.94 oz
Item Dimensions1.315" (W) x 0.625" (D) x 14.173" (H)

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