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Cibo Vita Inc.

Nature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots

Nature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots deliver on freshness, quality, and function. Sourced from Turkey, our Probiotic Apricots are naturally sweet in taste and plump in texture. Nutritionally, they offer an excellent source of vitamins A and E, potassium, and fiber. With a commitment to “snacking with a purpose” our Apricots are enhanced with shelf stable micro-encapsulated Lactobacillus, Rhamnosus GG, and S. Boulardii probiotics. The introduction of these probiotics, combined with the Apricot’s intrinsically rich amount of fiber, support digestive well-being. Visit us online

Product NameNature’s Garden Probiotic Apricots
Company NameCibo Vita Inc.
Product CategorySweet Snacks
Package Net Weight40 oz
Item Dimensions7.3" (W) x 3" (D) x 10.5" (H)

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