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Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese White Chedda Black Peppa

New for 2020! Moon Cheese White Chedda Black Peppa delivers crunchy bites of savory fun. Rich white cheddar cheese spiked with bits of savory black pepper deliver a delicious mic drop in your mouth. Loaded with 10g of protein, no sugar and only 2g carb this is the perfect snack for keto based eating. Packed in a resealable bag with no refrigeration needed, this crunchy snack fills the need of busy, on the go consumers focused on their health. Certified Gluten Free and rBST free this snack tastes great and delivers nutritional benefits with minimal ingredients. Available in 1oz and 2oz sizes and as a component in shipper displays. Visit us online

Product NameMoon Cheese White Chedda Black Peppa
Company NameMoon Cheese
Product CategorySalty Snacks
Package Net Weight2 oz
Item Dimensions5.5" (W) x 2" (D) x 7.5" (H)

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