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HI-CHEW Soda Pop Mix Peg Bag

HI-CHEW Soda Pop Mix is a globally-inspired mix including Ramune and Cola flavors. The refreshing soda flavors come together as consumers’ demand for innovative, and non-traditional candy offerings has grown in the U.S. the past several years. HI-CHEW Ramune depicts the classic tangy, lemon-lime carbonated soft drink originating from Japan while HI-CHEW Cola honors the traditional soda, presenting the refreshing, fizzy taste of the classic. Visit us online

Product NameHI-CHEW Soda Pop Mix Peg Bag
Company NameHI-CHEW
Product CategoryNon-chocolate
Package Net Weight2.82 oz
Item Dimensions5.51" (W) x 1.57" (D) x 7.48" (H)

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