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Meiji America, Inc.

MEIJI HELLO PANDA™ Caramel Crème Filled Shells

At times, you cannot decide between soft caramels or something crunchy to satisfy your snack craving. Now you can enjoy both!

MEIJI HELLO PANDA™ Caramel Crème Filled Shells are the perfect combination of creamy caramel with the crunch of a crisp cracker. The bite-size treat holds a soft and smooth caramel crème filling in a cute, panda-head shaped crunchy shell. Its unique form makes them easy to hold for nibbling or popping in your mouth whole without any mess. They are a contrast and complement of tastes and textures: crunchy, creamy, smooth, and light. Each shell features illustrations of adorable pandas enjoying over 30 different sports, creating a fun and tasty interactive snacking experience packaged inside Meiji’s iconic hexagonal box. Bite-Sized Fun! Visit us online

Product NameMEIJI HELLO PANDA™ Caramel Crème Filled Shells
Company NameMeiji America, Inc.
Product CategorySweet Snacks
Package Net Weight6 oz
Item Dimensions5.50" (W) x 2.38" (D) x 6.50" (H)

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