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Youtopia Snacks

Espresso Obsesso

Youtopia Snacks makes delicious 130-calorie snack packs in 3 flavors (Espresso Obsesso, Bananas for Chocolate, & So Money Honey Mustard) that are high-protein, low-sugar, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Originally made to improve snacking habits at work, we began with a simple realization: there are very few light (<150 cal), genuinely healthy (high-protein/low-sugar) snacks available. So we made better: a perfectly light, legitimately healthy, UN-bar.


We’ll be your new best-selling snack! Not only do our customers RAVE about our snacks (seriously check out our Amazon and website reviews!), but our product is extremely versatile in terms of consumer segments. What we mean by that is we cater to several populations and use cases, from parents buying for their family and kids lunches to weight loss dieters to office managers buying for employees to diabetics looking for a low sugar indulgence. Our consumer base is wide, and the snacks are universally loved! Visit us online

Product NameEspresso Obsesso
Company NameYoutopia Snacks
Product CategorySweet Snacks
Package Net Weight1.1 oz
Item Dimensions3.5" (W) x 1" (D) x 6.5" (H)

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