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Craize Corn Inc

Craize Roasted Toasted Corn Cracker

We are welcoming to the market our NEW Craize package of 1.75 oz! This innovative size, in comparison with our other sizes, makes the perfect option for a larger snack than our smaller 1 oz package, still making it healthy and fulfilling. The 1.75 oz package will be completely sealable, an ideal on-the-go snack, so if consumers don’t necessarily want to eat the entire package right away, they will have the option to close it, store it, and save it for later. It also has approximately one serving and a half, making it the perfect option when sharing. Craize’s flavors are unique, versatile, and adaptable to any occasion, and this new 1.75 oz package is no exception to that! Visit us online

Product NameCraize Roasted Toasted Corn Cracker
Company NameCraize Corn Inc
Product CategorySavory Snacks
Package Net Weight1.75 oz
Item Dimensions5.1" (W) x 2" (D) x 6.9" (H)

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