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Barcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA

Chocolate + Vanilla DUOs Snack Cake

There are few classic flavor combinations as beloved as chocolate and vanilla. It’s a time-tested match made in heaven, and with good reason. There is nothing like the creamy richness of vanilla blended with the ideal sweetness of chocolate. New Sara Lee For Me! DUOs Snack Cakes offer the best of both – in perfect balance. Delicious vanilla snack cake side-by-side with indulgent chocolate to create one perfect cake and one delightfully satisfying snack. Ready to go anywhere and please anyone, Sara Lee For Me! DUOs Snack Cakes are a fresh take on an old classic. Visit us online

Product NameChocolate + Vanilla DUOs Snack Cake
Company NameBarcel / Bimbo Bakeries USA
Product CategorySweet Snacks
Package Net Weight3.5 oz

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