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Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.

Airheads Filled Ropes

Introducing NEW Airheads Filled Ropes, a new way to enjoy Airheads candy that offers consumers 5 delicious flavors in every pack—for 5 times the fun! If you ask us, you can never play enough or get enough flavor, and that’s why we’re introducing this bendy, twisty, colorful rope candy. It’s sure to delight consumers with its deliciously sweet sugar coating, a tangy chewy outer shell and a soft flavor blast center. Visit us online

Product NameAirheads Filled Ropes
Company NamePerfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.
Product CategoryNon-chocolate
Ship Date Availability01/11/2020
Package Net Weight2 oz
Item Dimensions6.75" (W) x 3.2" (D) x 0.25" (H)

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