What Is the Sweets & Snacks On Demand Innovation Center?

The Sweets & Snacks On Demand Innovation Center is a digital platform that provides manufacturers an opportunity to present their new or yet-to-be-launched products to an audience of retailers, brokers and other qualified members of the Sweets & Snacks On Demand digital community.

Call For Products:

Products will be accepted until November 15, 2020 and published within 48 hours from the time they were submitted. View over 190 products already showcased in the Innovation Center.

Innovation Center Showcase:

Products submitted to the Sweets & Snacks Innovation Center will available for viewing from launch on July 1, 2020, until November 30, 2020.

Who Qualifies and What Kinds of Products Can Be Submitted?

Submission Criteria:

  • The submitted product must not have been in the market before June 2019.
  • Companies submitting products are permitted one flavor per entry. For example, if a company has the same product in cherry, lemon and lime flavors, each flavor variation will be considered a separate entry.
  • Your company must have a listing in the Sweets & Snacks On Demand platform.
  • Limit 10 entries per company.

Cost: $225/entry

Product Categories:

  • Chocolate
  • Non-Chocolate
  • Gourmet/Premium – Candy
  • Gum & Mints
  • Novelty/Licensed – Candy
  • Novelty/Licensed – Snacks
  • Seasonal – Candy
  • Seasonal – Snacks
  • Salty Snacks
  • Sweet Snacks
  • Meat Snacks
  • Savory Snacks
  • Gourmet/Premium – Snacks

How Do You Submit a Product?

  1. Login to your Exhibitor Dashboard below.
    Begin the process of submitting a product by selecting the “Innovation Center” tile.
  2. Follow the prompt for submitting payment.
    Before submitting your product details, you’ll be asked to indicate the number of products that you plan to submit and pay.
  3. Submit your product information, including:
    • Up to three product photos, each measuring no more than 25 MB and no more than 500 pixels wide.
    • Pictures of the front and back of the packaging are recommended, as well as a picture of the product by itself removed from the packaging, if applicable.
    • A company website (optional)
    • Primary contact information of sale staff who is responsible for responding to inquirying retailers.
  4. Confirm submission
    Successful submissions will be verified by a confirmation email when the payment and submission form are received.


  1. Are all fields required? Some fields are not required and any blank fields will not populate in your virtual product shelf.
  2. Can I save and return to my product form later? Yes, at the bottom of the submission form is a “Save and complete later” link. You will receive additional instructions for returning to your product submission form.

Get Started!

Need assistance logging in? Please email login-help@candyusa.com

*Note that only the main contact will receive a password to access the Dashboard.