Sour Patch Kids Twin Tube Freezer BarsJel Sert CompanySour Patch Kids Twin Tube Freezer BarsSour or sweet? Why not both! Presenting Fla-Vor-Ice SOUR PATCH KIDS flavored Freezer Bars with a SOUR THEN SWEET experience in each Bar that will provide your mouth with a flavor-filled frozen combination unlike any other.$3.0024.00
Hostess Dessert Kit - Ding DongsJel Sert CompanyHostess Dessert Kit - Ding DongsElevating above and beyond your standard pudding in a bowl, the Hostess Dessert Kit Ding Dongs product has all the dessert inclusions a consumer will need to concoct unlimited fun and drool-worthy dessert creations!$3.508.06
PEZ LOL Surprise  Mystery PacksPez Candy, Inc.PEZ LOL Surprise Mystery PacksThe all-new PEZ L.O.L. Surprise Collection features 9 different characters. For the first time ever dispensers will be packed in mystery blister or poly packs with Popular, Fancy, & Ultra-Rare characters to collect!$1.990.87
Baby Bottle Pop Gummy BlastBazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps CompanyBaby Bottle Pop Gummy BlastEach Baby Bottle Gummy Blast tray includes 4 flavors of Baby Bottle-shaped 3D gummies & an individual pouch filled with popping candy powder! Dip the gummies, sprinkle the powder, or find your own silly way to have a blast!$1.892.10
Marvel Avengers FanimationCandyRific LLCMarvel Avengers FanimationBrand new technology let's you have an animated LED light show right in your hand! Press the button to see a variety of different Avenger characters and icons move and morph through a sequence.$5.991.90
Original Shortbread Cookie FriesThe Cookie JointOriginal Shortbread Cookie FriesOur certified women-owned company created a one-of-a-kind shortbread cookie designed to look like crinkle-cut French fries and packaged in classic fry cartons. Available flavors: Original, Chocolate and Confetti.$2.991.70
Secret Life of PetsRadz BrandsSecret Life of PetsRadz 3 in 1 pair innovation with play value. The Secret Life of Pets 2 blind boxes tie in with the movie release & allow consumers to not only find surprise collectibles, but receive a whole experience through the packaging.$1.990.70
BarNonePrimrose Candy CompanyBarNoneTrying to reserve engineer BarNone after 27 years without samples or formula took remarkable creativity, imagination & ingenuity. It was a journey of relentless determination and inventiveness by our small family team.$1.291.48
WatercolorPISSAWatercolorDELICREA WATERCOLOR is the new member of 'Interactive Candies family. The Kit contains 4 candy tarts as watercolor, 4 candy tarts to be painted, 1 edible stick as brush and 1 tray to place your artworks.$1.291.23
Birthday Cake Mini TreatsPrimary ColorsBirthday Cake Mini TreatsGet your love of Dippin' Dots without the mess! Legendary Dippin' Dots ice cream flavors now available in candy dots! The resealable tub makes these delicious dots easy to travel and perfect for on the go!$2.993.50
LilFlamethrower Candy CompanyLil' Nitro "The Worlds Hottest Gummy Bear"Consumer beware this is not your ordinary gummy bear. From Flamethrower Candy Company comes the next experience for those who seek the heat! (See back of box for more details.)$6.990.10
The Toe of Satan "The Worlds Hottest Lollipop"Flamethrower Candy CompanyThe Toe of Satan "The Worlds Hottest Lollipop"The Worlds Hottest Lollipop! Made with a devastating 9 million Scoville unit chili extract, this lollipop is 900 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper! Can you hold this lollipop on your tongue for 5 minutes?$6.990.70
Befuzzles Cotton Candy DipperImaginings 3, Inc.Befuzzles Cotton Candy DipperNew Befuzzles combines cotton candy - a kid's favorite - and lollipops for a great dip and lick product. Dip the lollipop in the shredded cotton candy to enjoy a sweet & sour flavor combo! 2 lollipops & cotton candy pouches!$2.491.41
Selfie Lip Pop 6 packImaginings 3, Inc.Selfie Lip Pop 6 packIntroducing new Selfie Lip Pops. The new mini lip pops come in a variety of styles, 6 pieces per bag! Lip Pops make a perfect treat to share with friends while taking fun selfies! Check out #lippopselfie and post your pic.$2.491.69
UnicornsRadz BrandsUnicornsRadz Foamz are innovative collectible toy candy dispensers inspired by the slow-rise foam trend. Featuring lines like Unicorns, Foamz double as finger puppets for added play value and fun for consumers.$3.990.70
SODAPOP! Candy BarHammond's CandiesSODAPOP! Candy BarSodapop! is a unique, cola-flavored milk chocolate bar featuring fizzy popping candy that replicates the carbonated beverage. The innovative cola taste is a pleasant surprise to the palate.$2.992.25
Jack DanielGreat Spirits Baking CompanyJack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Cake-PecanImagine everything you love about dessert, infused with genuine Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. This whiskey cake from the Great Spirits Baking Co. is more than just a sweet snack. It's a whole new way to enjoy Old No. 7.$8.498.00
Jelly Belly Candy CupcakesJelly Belly Candy CompanyJelly Belly Candy CupcakesAppealing to America's love for cupcakes, Jelly Belly introduces a line of miniature mellocreme cupcakes. Each Piece has a cake flavor on the bottom and one of five delicious frosting flavors on top.$2.993.00
LOL Surprise ! Secret Message Disk w/Mini Poster $ LollipopGalerieLOL Surprise ! Secret Message Disk w/Mini Poster $ LollipopEach unique bag contains 4 Disks containing secret messages waiting to be decoded, a mini poster and of course, a lollipop! With over 108 collectible secret disks & 12 posters to collect. LOL is #1 toy property.$1.000.25
Fizzy Drink BombsMaud Borup, Inc.Fizzy Drink BombsCherry & Blue Raspberry Fizzy Drink Bombs new from Maud Borup! Drop bomb in 36oz water or carbonated beverage, watch it fizz & sparkle as edible glitter is revealed. 1 bomb makes 3-12oz servings of fizzy & fruity fun.$1.991.00
Make Your Own Gummy Gummy UnicornsCMA Global Partners - German FoodsMake Your Own Gummy Gummy UnicornsWhat's better than buying German gummy bears? Make your own. Three gummy candy mixes with different natural flavors + a reusable mold. Makes a total of 100 unicorn-shaped gummies. Add water, heat, refrigerate, enjoy.$9.956.34
Peppa Pig Large MallowPrimary ColorsPeppa Pig Large MallowExciting, new, oversized marshmallow characters with extra large personalities. Available in several loved children's brands, these marshmallows are sure to get the attention of anyone and be a big hit!$8.9910.50