Tic Tac X-FreezeFerrero USA, Inc.Tic Tac X-FreezeTic Tac X-Freeze is fifty percent larger than the original Tic Tac and delivers intense and long-lasting refreshment with cooling crystals. Strong Mint and Wintergreen flavors will be available in 65- and 30-count packs.$2.491.70
Extra Refreshers SpearmintMars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLCExtra Refreshers SpearmintExtra® Refreshers: Extra® Gum, the No. 1 selling gum brand in the U.S., is launching Extra® Refreshers, the first-ever soft chew added to the brand's portfolio. Bursting with intense freshness, the new soft chew comes in three exciting flavors: Spearmint,$3.293.00
Chewy & FreshPerfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.Chewy & FreshFRESHNESS IN A BITE: Mentos Chewy & Fresh Mints offer a unique burst of long-lasting chewy freshness, in a smaller yet powerful bite. 90-piece resealable bottles are aimed at on-the-go consumers.$3.493.50
Ice Breakers Duo Orange MintsThe Hershey CompanyIce Breakers Duo Orange MintsRefreshing Duo Orange Mints is the ideal blend of a fruit and cool taste in just one single mint. These sugar free mints have a fruity orange flavor with cooling crystals that enhances the one-of-a-kind duo blast sensation.$2.291.30
Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum  - Very CherryFord GumJelly Belly Sugar Free Gum - Very CherryNow the amazing flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in a great-tasting, long-lasting, sugar free gum. The dual flavor system delivers a Jelly Belly flavor burst and ensures the flavor lasts and lasts.$1.490.63
Bazooka Thowback WalletBazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps CompanyBazooka Thowback WalletThe new Bazooka Throwback Wallet features nostalgic 1980's graphics and six pieces of Original flavor gum wrapped in classic Bazooka Joe & His Gang comics. Kids of all ages will enjoy the trip down memory lane.$0.791.27
Healthy GumPISSAHealthy GumHEALTHY GUM is a Compressed Chewing Gum with a Unique Format and Sugar Free Premium formula made of Xylitol, Natural Colors and Healthy Ingredients, presented in 8-stick Blister. Be HEATLHY in an easy & tasty way!$1.190.67
Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Bubble Yum Bubble GumThe Hershey CompanyJolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Bubble Yum Bubble GumNew Jolly Rancher Bubble Yum Bubble Gum is sure to make your mouth pop with the flavor of blue raspberry. This long-lasting gum will have you blowing bubbles non-stop.$1.192.82
Chocolate Butter MintsRichardson Brands CompanyChocolate Butter MintsA smooth award winning battery flavor combined with a melt-in-your-mouth real dark chocolate. Delicious after dinner or any time of the day.$100.00144.00
Spearmint Natural Chewing GumSimply GumSpearmint Natural Chewing GumConventional gum is made from plastic. Our gum is made from a tree sap called chicle. We are the only natural chewing gum made with 0 sugar alcohols and 0 synthetics. This means our chewing gum is completely biodegradable.$2.991.00
Basketballs Bubble GumVidal Candies USA, Inc.Basketballs Bubble GumTry our delicious Basket Balls Bubble Gum, Vidal has managed to create a bubble gum that looks exactly like a real basket ball, their sour lime taste will make you want more than one! Get 12 4ct tubes in each display.$1.001.30