Alli & Rose

Trail Mix Crackers

SRP: 4.99 | 2.5 oz

In Season’s new Trail Mix Crackers combine everyone’s favorite snacks. Each cracker contains a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit that are baked, not fried, onto the cracker. Individually wrapped, each cracker is only 60 calories!

Cheesewich Factory

Bacon and Eggs

SRP: 2.29 | 3.6 oz

A very unique innovation that combines two proteins perfectly, Bacon and Eggs.


Cheez-It Duoz® Caramel Popcorn & Cheddar

SRP: 1.99 | 4 oz

Sweet caramel crunch meets salty cheddar crisp in the new Cheez-It Duoz® Caramel Popcorn and Cheddar! The latest product to join the Cheez-It Duoz® family, this combination provides two crave-worthy snacks in one pack.

Land O’Frost

Gone Rogue High Protein Chips

SRP: 4.99 | 1 oz

Gone Rogue High Protein Chips give you a flavorful crunchy snack and 18 grams of protein, without all the carbs that slow you down.

Clever Cookie

Baked Cheddar Protein Crisps

SRP: 1.99 | 0.74 oz

Imagine Cheese Puffs but super healthy & delicious. Well…Now they are! Our Protein crisps have texture & taste of cheese puff snacks but are packed with 14g of Protein and only 3g Fat, 2g carbs,1g sugar in a 90 calorie pack.