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Jelly Belly Candy Company - Jelly Belly - Jurassic World Chocolate Dinosaur EggDelicious, solid milk chocolate with crisped rice hides a tasty gummi dinosaur in the center. Jelly Belly finishes this Jurassic World-inspired treat with a speckled, thin candy shell to look just like a real dinosaur egg.Novelty / Licensed2.991.4
Jelly Belly Candy Company - Jelly Belly - Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Doughnut TinThis tin appeals to both doughnut and candy lovers. The colorful collectible is inspired by the Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles Krispy Kreme Doughnut. A window in the center shows the Krispy Kreme-flavored jelly beans inside.Novelty / Licensed2.991
Jelly Belly Candy Company - Jelly Belly - Harry Potter Chocolate WandThe real wands of some of the Harry Potter franchise’s most iconic characters, including Harry and Hermione, inspire life-size, solid chocolate wands. Each comes with a sheet of spells fans will recognize from the series. Novelty / Licensed9.991.5
Concord Confections, Inc. - Candy Blox - Candy Blox Animal FriendsThe Candy You Play With!
Candy Blox to build fun, featured Animal Friends. Colorful Candy Blox in 3 flavors and sizes: Green-Lime, Red-Cherry, Yellow-Banana
Novelty / Licensed13
Concord Confections, Inc. - Concord Confections - Candy Blox "Building Something Sweet" TubEasy-carry tub contains 27 oz. of Candy Blox and features a variety of fun project build ideas.
Five Flavors & 4 sizes. Green-Lime, Yellow-Banana, Red-Cherry, Orange-Orange, Blue-Blueberry. The prefect activity for kids.
Novelty / Licensed1027
Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. - Kinder Joy - FROZEN & JURASSIC WORLD LIMITED EDITIONSThis summer, KINDER JOY™ has 2 exciting licensing partnerships with blockbuster hits Jurassic World and Disney Frozen. Summer is a great time of year for KINDER JOY™, since it’s the perfect on the go treat for family trips.Novelty / Licensed1.590.71
PEZ Candy, Inc. - PEZ - PEZ Jurassic World Click & Play Gift TinThe PEZ Jurassic World Click & Play Gift Tin takes the classic PEZ Dispenser and adds interactive fun! Each dispenser top twists off as a game piece for the enclosed board game 'Escape the Island.'Novelty / Licensed12.991.74
PEZ Candy, Inc. - PEZ - PEZ Crayola My Favorite Color Gift SetThe PEZ Crayola My Favorite Color Limited Edition Gift Set is themed after the classic Crayola crayon box, each Gift Set is sold complete with four crayons, a coloring sheet and four all new Crayola PEZ Dispensers.Novelty / Licensed10.992.32
PEZ Candy, Inc. - PEZ - PEZ The Grinch Limited Edition Gift TinThe Grinch Limited Edition PEZ Gift Tin features a Grinch themed tin complete with four dispensers: The Grinch, Cindy Lou, Fred and Max. Each Gift Tin includes a six pack of Sour Green Apple PEZ Candy.Novelty / Licensed12.991.74
Impact Confections, Inc. - WARHEADS - WARHEADS Dippin’ RingWARHEADS Dippin’ Rings allow consumers to create their own sour experience with a candy ring and sour dipping powder. With great fruit flavors, extreme sour powders and colorful packaging, it's a fun product for all ages.Novelty / Licensed1.490.88
Yolo Candy - Fidget Pop - Fidget PopFidget Pop is a candy/toy combo containing two delicious lollipops with re-sealable caps - one on each end of a fidget spinner. Available in two kid-favorite flavor combos, it works as a spinner even after the candy is gone!Novelty / Licensed1.790.6
Imaginings 3, Inc. - Flix Candy - Candy Balm Blister CardPlaying off of the lip balming habit, Candy Balm is a great new lollipop item. The lid allows it to be closed when finished and no lollipop goes wasted! The glitter lids are eye appealing with 4 great flavors!Novelty / Licensed1.990.42
Imaginings 3, Inc. - Flix Candy - Oh Poop!Fill them up, wind them up, watch them walk and poop candy! This poop shaped pooper is trending with the emoji theme. With new characters constantly being released this item is perfect for collectors of all ages!Novelty / Licensed3.990.52
Imaginings 3, Inc. - Flix Candy - Mini Spinny PopTrending off of the fidget spinner the Mini Spinny Pop is a great 3 in 1 item. A ring, lollipop & spinner provides great play value to the item. 3 great flavors, 4 designs & a great spinning action and is safe for all ages!Novelty / Licensed1.990.35
Bazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps Company - Baby Bottle Pop - Baby Bottle Popping PowderPopping Powder is the first product from Baby Bottle Pop that lets you share the silliness with friends! Every pouch has multiple inner packs—each with a bottle-shaped pop and tasty popping candy. Packed full of silliness!Novelty / Licensed1.793.2
Galerie - Trolls - Cooper's CupcakesTrolls "Cooper's Cupcakes" 3D gummy candy cupcakes by Galerie. Four fun flavors. Poppy's Strawberry Swirl, Branch's Blueberry Blast, DJ Suki's Rockstar Orange, and Cooper's Groovy Green Apple. Novelty / Licensed1.292.86
Koko's Confectionery - DC Comics - Light-Up Spray Candy with ToyIgnite your imagination with glowing candy featuring DC Comics Buildable toy. The chamber of spray candy is illuminated at the press of a button, providing a beacon of light to heroes & villains alike. Collect all 7!Novelty / Licensed2.990.67
Jel Sert Company - Sonic - Sonic Freezer BarsShelf stable freezer bars with a slush texture just like the top selling slushes that are sold at Sonic - America's Drive-in. Available in Cherry Limeade & Ocean Water. Easy to take home, freeze and eatNovelty / Licensed1.9920
Astor Chocolate Corp. - Nickelodeon Rugrats Reptar by Astor Chocolate - The Reptar Bar /Milk Chocolate Green Vanillacombination of nostalgia and gourmet chocolate with a novel twist interpreting a 90s classic icon into a flavor with visual and interactive appeal. A gourmet milk chocolate novelty bar filled with green vanilla filling.Novelty / Licensed2.991.75
Leaf Brands/Astro Pop, LLC - Leaf Brands LLC - Wacky WafersWacky Wafers® are just like you remember; the big silver-dollar sized wafers, exhilarating smell of watermelon, orange, green apple, strawberry, banana and the perfect “crack” as you break them in your mouth. Be a kid again!Novelty / Licensed1.991.2
Leaf Brands/Astro Pop, LLC - Leaf Brands - Bonkers! Fruit ChewsBonkers! are delicious fruit chews that ‘bonk you out’ with their unique taste. First made in the 80s, Bonkers! have a fruity outside and a flavorful fruity center. Brought back with original flavors just like you remember!Novelty / Licensed1.991.2
Candy Treasure LLC - Candy Treasure - KonzDelicious chocolate cream inside a crisp waffle cone, all with a fun toy surprise included. Collect all our fun puppy dog toys in every cone. Now great tasting treat with a fun toy surprise.Novelty / Licensed1.991
Treeting Cards By Mayhem Ops Inc. - Treeting Cards - Treeting CardsOur candy filled Greeting Cards cross multiple industries and are the most innovative way to present and sell candy. It's an all-in-one, grab-and-go package bundling big laughs with a greeting card, mailing envelope & candy.Novelty / Licensed8.953.5 Small Business Innovator