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American Licorice Company - Sour Punch® - Wild Bites Narwhal ShapesOften thought as mystical creatures, SOUR PUNCH® Wild Bites proves NARWHALS exist! First in sour-chewy to offer this fun shape made through an extrusion process, they offer four Arctic blends aligning with beverage trends.Non-Chocolate2.998
Ferrara Candy Co. - TROLLI - SOUR BRITE SNEAKSThe shoe game meets the chew game! Harden inspired gummi sneaks will score a slam dunk at retail. We have remixed the kicks with a sour berry crossover: Lime/Raspberry, Lemon/Berry Punch, Strawberry/BlackberryNon-Chocolate1.994.24
Ferrara Candy Co. - TROLLI - SOUR BRITE CRAWLERS FRUIT AND FIREFeel the fire - thrill you taste buds and dare your friends with the next generation of Crawlers with a sweet, spicy sensation that pushes flavor to the limits. Cherry/Watermelon Jalapeno and Mango/Cherry HabaneroNon-Chocolate1.995
Ferrara Candy Co. - TROLLI - SOUR BRITE TINY HANDSPartnering with the successful Deadpool franchise, Trolli has come out with Gummi Tiny Hands! Tiny Hands being reference to the first movie is being released as a product for the anticipation of the second film!Non-Chocolate1.994.25
Ferrara Candy Co. - BLACK FOREST - EXOTIC FRUIT GUMMY BEARSLet your taste buds roam with Black Forest Exotic gummy bears. Each pack includes a mix of five tantalizing flavors including Blood Orange, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Grapefruit. So Juciy, Ja!Non-Chocolate1.494.25
Ferrara Candy Co. - LEMONHEAD - TWISTSThe tart and sweet of Lemonhead… with a twist! New Lemonhead Twists bring the refreshing citrus of Lemonhead into a soft and chewy candy. Lemon/Cherry, Lemon/Lime, Lemon/Watermelon.Non-Chocolate1.796
Ferrara Candy Co. - NOW AND LATER - SHELL SHOCKED BERRY SMASHA new smash hit from Now & Later: Shell Shocked Berry Smash! It’s the long-lasting fruit chew with a crunchy candy shell that you love, now with bold berry flavors: Blue Raspberry, Wild Berry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cherry.Non-Chocolate2.398
Jelly Belly Candy Company - Jelly Belly - Candy Cones Gift BoxNew ice cream-shaped mellocreme Candy Cones “wow” taste buds with two flavors in each piece. The top of each piece tastes like either one of five ice cream flavors, while the cone tastes like a real waffle cone. Non-Chocolate5.994.25
The Hershey Company - Jolly Rancher - Jolly Rancher MisfitsA fun new treat that mashes together two Jolly Rancher fruit flavors/characters into one piece of chewy candy. Try the delicious green apple + cherry, blue raspberry + watermelon, strawberry + lemon flavor combinationsNon-Chocolate1.696.5
Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC - Starburst Fruit Chews - Starburst Fruit Chews minis soursSours is the fastest growing flavor segment in fruity confections. Sour confections are incremental to the category, shoppers choose sour vs fruit early in the purchase decision tree.Non-Chocolate0.991.85
Nestle USA - Nerds - Big Chewy NerdsMoves NERDS into the growing Chewy candy segment. A chewy center, covered in a crunchy NERDS candy shell. Eye-catching packaging graphics feature the biggest NERD character ever and nerdy flavor names. No Artificial flavors.Non-Chocolate1.996
Nestle USA - SweeTARTS - SweeTARTS Tangy Strawberry RopesSweeTARTS added a new flavor to its fan-favorite Ropes line: Tangy Strawberry. With no artificial colors or flavors, this new item packs an electrifying SweeTARTS flavor in a licorice-style rope that is delicious & shareableNon-Chocolate2.699
Nestle USA - SweeTARTS - SweeTARTS GummiesSweeTARTS Gummies is an endless variety of shapes and flavors that tap into millennial passions. Whether music, gaming, fashion, or travel – no two bags are ever the same! All with no artificial flavors, colors or GMO! Non-Chocolate2.9910
Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc. - Airheads - Airheads GummiesAirheads is making its Gummies debut as only Airheads can – by delivering a playfully delicious experience. In the 6 classic Airheads flavors and with 5 additional, unique shapes, you can create endless playful combinations.Non-Chocolate1.996
Haribo of America, Inc. - HARIBO Z!NG - HARIBO Z!NG SOUR STREAMERSNew SOUR STREAMERS brings a fun sour experience to the HARIBO portfolio. These 5" flat ribbons of gummi goodness come in four sour flavors, all in one bag: Orange, Cherry, Apple, and Blue Raspberry.Non-Chocolate1.794.5
Impact Confections, Inc. - HOTHEADS - HOTHEADS Scorching Heat TwistsHOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists put a twist on two major trends in the candy industry, heat and filled licorice. Its sour outside, chewy middle and scorching center delivers a flavor experience like no other.Non-Chocolate1.394
The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. - Original Gummi Fun Mix™ from Original Gummi Factory™ - Gummi PartyNever before have so many fun gummi shapes, flavors and colors mixed up in one treat! Gummi Fun Mix™ has up to 18 varieties of sharks, bears, swirly drops and more – a delicious Gummi Party™ in every bag! Non-Chocolate1.995
Bazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps Company - MatchEms - MatchEmsMatch-Ems is the first gummy candy that puts you in control of flavor creation! Connect a Banana and Orange gummy and it magically tastes like Bubble Gum! 28 new combos can be made with these unique, connectible 3D gummies.Non-Chocolate1.323.8
Hammond's Brands - Hammond Candies - Vanilla Caramel MarshmallowUsing recipes that date back to 1920, these sweet treats take over 48 hours to make. It’s the perfect combination of gooey caramel paired with the classic vanilla marshmallow. Non-Chocolate0.990.75
CandyRific LLC - CandyRific - Surprise Candy Pals (Series 1)Surprise Candy Pals (Series 1) come in 6 plush styles, each with a different scent, included collector card and fruit flavored dextrose candy. The card also shows which animals will be coming soon in future series. Non-Chocolate4.990.35
Kenny's Candy - Wiley Wallaby - Wiley Wallaby Organic BitesSoft Chew USDA Organic. Non-GMO. No high fructose corn syrup. Available in 4 yummy flavors!Non-Chocolate35.5
Candy Dynamics - Toxic Waste Candy - Toxic Waste Sour & Chewy WormsEach 5oz. peg bag offers one-of-kind flavors, including pineapple, strawberry, lime, blue raspberry and tangerine. The stand out graphics and brand name make this item a must have in any candy set. Non-Chocolate2.495
Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea AllsortsAll sorts of liquorice make up liquorice all sorts. Darrell Lea's classic liquorice allsorts are made for liquorice lovers but loved by all!Non-Chocolate2.995
Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea Mixed Flavor LiquoriceDarrell Lea is mixing things up with this flavorful variety bag of our three favorites; Green Apple, Strawberry and Mango!Non-Chocolate2.997
Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea - Darrell Lea Strawberry TwistsTwisty and deliciously soft! Our strawberry flavored Twists are sure to be your new Favorite!Non-Chocolate2.9910
Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa - Dunkin' Donuts - Coffee Thins/Original BlendEnjoy the delicious taste of your favorite Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the form of a rich, smooth and creamy coffee treat. Coffee Thins are uniquely made with Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Have your coffee break anytime, anywhere.Non-Chocolate0.50.35
Morinaga America, Inc. - HI-CHEW™ - Acai StickThe first Acai candy of its kind! Each chew delivers a bright burst of fresh sweetness complete with real chia seeds to mimic the texture of blended Acai berries, giving fans a new way to enjoy this unique tropical flavor. Non-Chocolate1.391.76
Morinaga America, Inc. - HI-CHEW™ - Plus Fruit Peg BagNow with added pieces of real fruit! Made with fruit juices and purées, each chew combines two fruity flavors, bits of real fruit pieces, and rolls it into a smooth chewy texture, adding even more fruit flavor to every bite!Non-Chocolate2.793.17
Mount Franklin Foods, LLC - Simply Sunrise - Simply Sunrise Gummy BearsKeeping with the better-for-you movement that consumers are demanding, Simply Sunrise products are made using plant-based colors and natural flavors for a true taste and visual experience. Peanut, gluten, and dairy free.Non-Chocolate2.197.5
Torie & Howard - Torie & Howard - Sour Apple Chewie Fruities® 2.1oz Stick PackTorie & Howard 2.1oz Sour Apple Chewie Fruities® Stick Packs are USDA Organic, Kosher Certified, Non-GMO. Free from artificial flavors and colors, dairy, wheat, soy and corn syrup. 200% DV Vitamin C per serving. Non-Chocolate1.992.1
Dr. John's - Dr. John's - Healthy Sweets/Vanilla & Chocolate SwirlDr. John's Healthy Sweets Caramel Swirls are sugar free and made with European butter and absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. We've added a healthy dose of Vitamin D for a decadent way to get 50% of your daily value!Non-Chocolate4.993.05
Dr. John's - Dr. John's - Healthy Sweets/ Berry SwirlDr. John's Healthy Sweets Lollipops are the world's first fiber based lollipops (20% DV of fiber per lollipop) while also being naturally sugar free with absolutely no artificial colors or flavors. Contains Vitamin C(240%).Non-Chocolate4.993.17