Nestle USA

Big Chewy Nerds

SRP: 1.99 | 6 oz

Moves NERDS into the growing Chewy candy segment. A chewy center, covered in a crunchy NERDS candy shell. Eye-catching packaging graphics feature the biggest NERD character ever and nerdy flavor names. No Artificial flavors.

Ferrara Candy Co.


SRP: 1.99 | 4.24 oz

The shoe game meets the chew game! Harden inspired gummi sneaks will score a slam dunk at retail. We have remixed the kicks with a sour berry crossover: Lime/Raspberry, Lemon/Berry Punch, Strawberry/Blackberry

The Hershey Company

Jolly Rancher Misfits

SRP: 1.69 | 6.5 oz

A fun new treat that mashes together two Jolly Rancher fruit flavors/characters into one piece of chewy candy. Try the delicious green apple + cherry, blue raspberry + watermelon, strawberry + lemon flavor combinations

Impact Confections, Inc.

HOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists

SRP: 1.39 | 4 oz

HOTHEADS Scorching Heat Twists put a twist on two major trends in the candy industry, heat and filled licorice. Its sour outside, chewy middle and scorching center delivers a flavor experience like no other.

Hammond’s Brands

Vanilla Caramel Marshmallow

SRP: 0.99 | 0.75 oz

Using recipes that date back to 1920, these sweet treats take over 48 hours to make. It’s the perfect combination of gooey caramel paired with the classic vanilla marshmallow.