The Hershey Company

Hershey’s Gold Standard Bar

SRP: 0.99 | 1.4 oz

Features a rich caramelized crème that delivers a buttery, sweet flavor that is a distinctively new experience. Includes a combo of salty, crunchy bits of peanuts & pretzels that delivers a creamy, crunchy satisfaction.

Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.

Junior Mint Minis

SRP: 1.99 | 4.5 oz

Same great Dark Chocolate and Mint flavor combination. Minis have 30% more chocolate than standard Junior Mints- makes them perfect for Snacking. Packed in Resealable Stand Up Pouches for Convenience and Portabiltiy.

Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Truffle Bar

SRP: 4.49 | 2.5 oz

Strawberry Shortcake, Seattle Chocolate’s first pink chocolate truffle bar is made from pure cocoa butter with chunks of fresh, strawberries & buttery crumbles. Naturally pink and perfect for summer!

R.M. Palmer Company

Football FANtasy

SRP: 11.99 | 22 oz

Kick off the holidays with R. M. Palmer Company’s life-size hollow milk chocolate football! Football FANtasy makes a great centerpiece for any big game party or is a delicious gift for football fans of all ages.

Tru Fru LLC

Coconut Melts Freeze-Dried & Immersed in Dark Chocolate

SRP: 4.79 | 4.2 oz

Coconut Melts freeze-dried fresh & immersed in premium dark chocolate. Freeze drying ensures nutrition & taste, giving this new treat a natural crunch! GF, All Natural, Clean Ingredients, 2-Year Shelf Life, Antioxidants.