ImageCompany Brand ProductInfoCategoryPriceSizeSmall Business Innovator
Baked In Brooklyn Korean Barbecue SticksKorean Barbecue Sticks are a totally unique and incredibly delicious new snack. With that unmistakable crunch and that sweet & slightly smoky flavor, these Sticks are a sure winner.Salty Snacks$3.496
Baked In Brooklyn Tandoori Spice Pita ChipsWe are the first in category to have added such an ethnic twist to pita chips. With an incredible and delicious Indian influenced flavor, with an unmistakable crunch.Salty Snacks$3.496
4505 Chicharrones Classic Chile and Salt Chicharrones4505 Chicharrones were the first all-natural pork rind to market, using discarded skin from our whole animal butchery to create delicious, sustainable snacks for pork rind fans both old and new!Salty Snacks$2.99 - $3.991.0 oz Small Business Innovator
Baked In Brooklyn Dill Pickle SticksUnmistakably New York! Deli Pickles are a NY tradition, and with our deliciously bold dill pickle sticks bring New York deli home... in every sense! Try one and you'll want them all!Salty Snacks$3.496
Caribe Producers, LLC Hatfield & McCoy Breakfast Maple Bacon JerkyBreakfast Maple Bacon succeeds as a sweet and salty breakfast snack with protein. Sweet maple along with tender bacon strips come together to reveal the grab-and-go luxury of a premium bacon jerky.Salty Snacks5.992 Oz Small Business Innovator
Century Snacks On The Border Cafe Style Tortilla ChipsCafe Style Tortilla Chips bring authentic Mexican-style chips consumers love to immediate consumption. Made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, BFY snacking is elevated in small bag.Salty Snacks1.593.125
Century Snacks On The Border Medium Chunky Salsa CupOn The Border Medium Chunky Salsa cups, bring the flavorful, authentic salsa consumers love on-the-go. The fastest growing Salsa brand according to IRI- you can now have single serve salsa with a kickSalty Snacks1.294
Century Snacks On The Border Nacho CheeseNacho Cheese is the largest flavor segment for tortilla chips, yet the products are limited & lack authenticity. By carefully crafting the base chip and seasoning we bring bold & authentic to life.Salty Snacks1.592.875
Century Snacks On The Border Zesty RanchZesty Ranch is a unique blend of cream & spice that creates a bold flavor accompanied by a flaky and authentic Mexican-style tortilla chip distinct in flavor and crunch. Elevating ranch to a new levelSalty Snacks1.592.875
Century Snacks Snak Club Cocoa Dusted AlmondsCocoa Dusted Almonds combine honey seasoned & roasted almonds with a light dusting of real cocoa powder for an irresistible treat.Salty Snacks3.293.0 Oz
Century Snacks Snak Club Coconutty CashewsTropical paradise in every bite - our whole roasted Coconutty Cashews are lightly sweetened with cane sugar and combined with real coconut for the perfect crunchSalty Snacks3.293.0 Oz
Century Snacks Snak Club Dark Chocolate Indulgence Snack MixOur delectable Dark Chocolate Indulgence Snack Mix combines dark chocolate raspberry cups, tart cranberries, almonds, and cashews with our praline pecans and dark chocolate turbinado almonds.Salty Snacks3.293.5 Oz
Conagra Brands Slim Jim Premium Smoked Meat SticksEach variety is made with Grass-fed 100% Beef or Premium 100% Pork, raised without hormones, with no artificial colors, flavors, MSG. Each variety contains at least 10g of naturally-occurring proteinSalty Snacks4.1oz $5.79 / 1.23 oz $1.99All flavors available in 1.23oz and 4.1oz packs
Dang Foods Sticky-Rice Chips Original RecipeA unique snack with 30% less fat than regular potato chips. Steamed organic Thai sticky rice is soaked in watermelon juice, crisped and seasoned for the perfect crunch. Non-GMO, GF, Vegan.Salty Snacks$3.993.5 Small Business Innovator

Dang Foods Sticky-Rice Chips SrirachaA unique snack with 30% less fat than regular potato chips. Steamed organic Thai sticky rice is soaked in watermelon juice, crisped for the perfect crunch & infused with tangy chili for heat.Salty Snacks3.993.5 Small Business Innovator
DOOR COUNTY POPCORN WISCONSIN WHITE CHEDDARStarts with premium kernels popped in coconut oil then we add melted cheese before it's cooled off.The infusion gives way to a rich and indulgent flavor that will stay in your mouth not on your hands.Salty Snacks1.291.2 Oz. Small Business Innovator
DOOR COUNTY POTATO CHIPS ORIGINAL ChipsOriginal kettle chips are in a class by themselves, the perfect combination of crunchy and salty goodness made from three simple ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. It's vegan and kosher.Salty Snacks1.291.75 Oz. Small Business Innovator

Giant Snacks Pistachios Dill PickleGIANTS Dill Pickle Pistachios is a new flavor innovation for pistachios. Roasted, salted and soaked in dill pickle juice to give a unique mouth watering flavor.Salty Snacks4.494.5 Oz.

GLK Foods GoBitos Perfectly Seasoned Roasted Chickpeas - Garlic ParmGoBitos answer the key attributes that consumers are looking for - high in protein & fiber for a healthy snack or meal replacement, portable single-serve 1oz pouches, gluten & nut free, and delicious!Salty Snacks$1.191.0 oz
goodnessKNOWS Mixed Berry & AlmondBuilding on its 2015 national launch, goodnessKNOWS® snack squares adds three new flavors to its popular line up that combines fruits, whole nuts and dark chocolate.Salty Snacks$1.991.2
Green Park Snacks, Inc. Hippeas Vegan White CheddarHippeas is the all new range of organic chickpea puffs which is set to shake-up the global snacking market with a bold brand story and purpose, clear health credentials and exciting flavor profiles.Salty Snacks$3.494oz Small Business Innovator
Jack Link's Beef Jerky Extra Tender Teriyaki Beef Steak StripsSmoky. Sweet. Tender. This is a gluten free snack packed with 9 grams of protein. This gives Meat snack lovers what they want; great taste, protein and a tender bite.Salty Snacks$4.99-$5.992.85
Jack Link's Beef Jerky AM Breakfast BaconWake up! Jack Link’s is taking over breakfast with their all new Brown Sugar and Maple breakfast Bacon. It tastes like Saturday morning on a Wednesday. Shelf-Stable and ready to eat right from the bagSalty Snacks$4.99-$5.992.5
Jack Link's Beef Jerky Extra Tender Original Beef Steak StripsMeat snack lovers wanted a more tender jerky. Jack Link’s delivered. These 100% beef Steak Strips have 9 grams of protein. This gluten free snack gives you the great flavor but a more tender bite.Salty Snacks$4.99-$5.992.85

Kimmie Candy Salted Caramel PretzelbitesOur confectioners have taken a gluten free pretzel ball, that they covered in a mouthwatering salted caramel coating, and finished it off with a light candy shell.The best ever Sweet Salty CrunchSalty Snacks$4.595.1 ounces
Made in Nature, LLC Kale Chips - Sriracha ChiliSlowly drying (not frying) our organic broad leaf kale and spices over many hours produces the crunchiest, most satiating bite. No other chip - delivers this kind of nutrition and bold flavor.Salty Snacks$4.992.2 oz.
Mondelez International, Inc. Ritz Crisp & Thins - 2 new flavorsRitz C&T is the perfect light munchable snack for eating alone or sharing with your friends. They are the perfect bite-sized snack with craveable flavors that you don't feel guilty about eating.Salty Snacks$1.491.7

My Chips Box GmbH my CHIPSBOX Organic veggie boxAir-dried organic vegetable chips in a distinctive box packaging. Not fried, vegan, gluten-free and crispy delicious. This product contains only 3 ingredients: organic beetroot, carrot and red pepperSalty Snacks2,491.23 Small Business Innovator

Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. Hardbite Chips Avocado & LimeThe perfect balance between the bold flavour of lime and the creaminess of an avocado. It is the ideal flavour for welcoming the summer weather – alongside daring adventures or relaxing by the pool.Salty Snacks2.985.2 Oz
Naturally Homegrown Foods Ltd. Hardbite Chips Sweet Spud of Mine / Sweet PotatoThese next level taters are bigger and more colourful, from lightest gold to deepest orange, with a totally different taste. Some call them yams, but we prefer to call them sweeeeet. Because they are.Salty Snacks3.995.2 Oz

Nuhealth JSC RiceUP Brown Whole Grain Rice Chips with Sea Salt & Black PepperThe Brown Rice Chips with Sea Salt & Black Pepper is made only of brown whole grain rice and olive oil. It is NOT fried, NO GMO, GLUTEN FREE and with 50% LESS FAT than the regular chips.Salty Snacks2$2.1 Oz Small Business Innovator
Pop Daddy Popcorn, LLC Detroit Style Seasoned Pretzels Zesty Lemon PepperMade from only the finest ingredients and signature seasoning mixes, Pop Daddy Zesty Lemon Pepper Pretzels are bold and flavorful, just like the city that inspired them.Salty Snacks$2.997.5 oz. Small Business Innovator
Pop Daddy Popcorn, LLC Pop Daddy Popcorn, LLC Zesty Lemon Pepper Seasoned PretzelsMade from only the finest ingredients and seasonings, Pop Daddy Zesty Lemon Pepper Seasoned Pretzels are bold and flavorful. They're the most unique and addictive flavor in the snack aisle.Salty Snacks$2.997.5 oz. Small Business Innovator

SAY Yes to NO! Bread Chips / Sour Cream & OnionA new snack that gives you the best of both world: Bread Chips; natural as bread, tasty as chips. SML, we're a natural product. No we don't say we're healthier than we are. Just an honest snack.Salty Snacks$2,99 - $3,493 oz Small Business Innovator

Snyder's-Lance, Inc. Kettle Brand Korean Barbeque ChipsKettle Brand Korean Barbeque combines savory and smoky flavors, with sweet hoisin and garlic notes. Korean Barbeque chips are cooked to perfection in the finest oils, and are Non-GMO project verified.Salty Snacks$3.798.5oz

The Daily Crave Bourbon BBQ Quinoa ChipsThese chips are made from quinoa, non-GMO corn, lentils, chick peas, and green peas. They pack 3 grams of plant-based protein per serving. The sweet and savory flavor is complex and layered.Salty Snacks3.995 oz.

The Daily Crave Veggies straws HimalayanThe lightly sweet and savory flavor of Bourbon BBQ complement a chip made from quinoa, non-GMO corn, lentils, chickpeas, and green peas. Each serving packs 3 grams of plant-based protein.Salty Snacks3.995 oz.
The Hershey Company Reese's Dipped PretzelsNew Dipped Pretzels takes bite-size pretzels and dips them in sweetness for the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Reese’s Dipped Pretzels are dipped in peanut butter candy and drizzled with milk chocolate.Salty Snacks$2.99NA
The Matzo Project Salted Matzo ChipsTraditional matzo currently languishes in the Ethnic Food Section, our hope is to help it claim its rightful spot in the Cracker Aisle, next to the Rosemary Pita Chips and the Gorgonzola Fig Toast.Salty Snacks4.796 oz (also in 1oz snack bag) Small Business Innovator
Utz Quality Foods Good Health® Gluten Free PretzelsPretzels crafted with a unique blend of 2.5 cups broccoli (25% vitamin A); 1 beet (10% vitamin C); 5 tomatoes (15% vitamin E); 7 cups spinach (20% vitamin B6); 2 carrots (20% vitamin K) per serving.Salty Snacks$3.498-oz Small Business Innovator
Utz Quality Foods, Inc. Snikiddy Utz Grilled Cheese flavorMade with non-GMO ingredients, Cheese Puffs are USDA Organic, Certified Gluten Free, contain zero grams of trans fats and are made with no nuts, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.Salty Snacks$3.494

VSC Holdings, LLC Vermont Smoke & Cure Mini Meat Stick Go Packs / Beef and Pork Cracked PepperVermont Smoke & Cure Mini Meat Stick Go Packs are a perfectly portable, high-protein snack packed with flavor! It's Better Meat for All made the Vermont Way to create the finest flavor in every bite!Salty Snacks5.993 Small Business Innovator

Wabash Valley Farms Organic Popcorn Popping Kits - 3 PackWith pre-portioned packs of organic yellow corn, sea salt and organic coconut oil, there's nothing to guess at - simply cut, pour and pop. Each ingredient is 100% organic and is a premium gourmet foodSalty Snacks11.9916.5 oz.