ImageExhibitorBrandProductInfo Price weightAward
Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Foods Co., LTDAMOSTastySounds™ RecordableLollipop – Peach NectarCreate a unique gifting experience with TastySoundsTM RecordableLollipop. Whether it’s Congrats, Thank You, Goodbye or I Love You, Record it in Your Voice, Your Way. With Bone Conduction Technology, the message is only for their ears. That’s Peachy! $10.99 0.56
Stuffed Puffs, LLCStuffed PuffsCinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallow BITESIntroducing Stuffed Puffs Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites: a sensational fusion of two fan favorites. These bite-sized marshmallows boast Cinnamon Toast Crunch creme filling and cereal crumble coating, delivering a scrumptious cinnamon cereal experience in a convenient, pop-pable format. Happy Snacking! $4.24 2.68
Edward Marc Brands, Inc.Edward Marc ChocolatierGirl Scouts Thin Mints BitesInspired by the iconic flavor of the Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies, these doubled layered crispy bites are enrobed with sustainably sourced cocoa and infused with peppermint oil to delight Girl Scout cookie fans far and wide! No artificial flavors or preservatives. $11.99 20
Flix CandyFlix CandyPop Up Surprise!Pop Up Surprise! Is the newest to the widely known Pop Ups! Line. The item comes packed in a box with 1 Pop Up!, 1 Figurine(surprise! You dont know which one) and 2 Strawberry Flavored Lollipops! Collect all 6 characters! $6.99 0.7
Ferrero North AmericaKinder JoyVariety (NBA)Kinder Joy and the NBA partner to bring the playfulness of fans favorite mascots home. Featuring delicious treats and 12 NBA toys, this collection connects fans across generations, especially when you bring them to life in Applaydu's mini games! $2.19 0.7
Candy DynamicsToxic WasteSlime Licker (Black Cherry)This sour liquid candy is best enjoyed with rollerball packaging. The original Slime Lickers® garnered immense attention on social media for its delicious flavors and unique application. The cult following of Slime Licker® guarantees profits. $3.49 2
Dippin' Dots, LLCDippin' DotsICEE Cherry N Blue Razz NEW Dippin™ Dots ICEE Cherry n Blue Razz flavored ice combines ICEE™s most popular flavors – Cherry and Blue Raspberry – in the form of Dippin Dots famous frozen beads. $3.99 2.5
PISSADelicreaDIY LOLLIPOP SOURFun Kit to create 6 Dextrose Lollipops with up to 4 flavors in each one. Contains 6 sticks + 24 tablets of 8 Sour Fruity Flavors, pick your favorite Combination! Clamshell Pack and Sticks designed for Easy Assembly of holed Tablets. Perfect to Share. $1.49 1.12
Candy DynamicsToxic WasteSlime Licker (Sour Apple)This sour liquid candy is best enjoyed with rollerball packaging. The original Slime Lickers® garnered immense attention on social media for its delicious flavors and unique application. The cult following of Slime Licker® guarantees profits. $3.49 2
Bazooka Candy BrandsPush PopGummy Pop-itsPush Pop Gummy Pop-Its are sweet gummy bites that are just as much fun to get OUT of the container as they are to get INTO your mouth! $2.99 2
Jelly Belly Candy CompanyJelly Belly®Boba Milk Tea Mini CupThe Boba Milk Tea Mini Cup is filled with five new Jelly Belly jelly beans that perfectly capture the flavor of popular boba milk teas. These jelly beans come in a miniature boba cup that can easily double as a keychain. $3.99 2.65
R.M. Palmer CompanyPalmer, Making Candy FunThe Bachelor Rose w/2 oz Milk Chocolate Flavored HeartIntroducing RM Palmer's newest license, The Bachelor! The Bachelor series is popular worldwide & a consumer favorite for Valentine. Gift box contains a silk Rose with 2 oz Milk Chocolate flavored Heart foiled with the famous question: "Will You Accept This Rose?". Packed 12 in a license themed PDQ. $4.00 2.1
Jel Sert CompanyPure Kick Jolly Rancher Energy Green Apple Unwrap the crisp classic taste of JOLLY RANCHER green apple, now paired with Pure Kick Energy, the #1 functional drink mix in the value channel. Add a bite to your water bottle that keeps you energized and your lips smacking. $1.25 0.76
Van Holten’sPickle-In-A-PouchWARHEADS Extreme Sour Pickle-In-A-PouchWARHEADS Extreme Sour Pickle-In-A-Pouch packs a serious pucker punch! Selling 1.3M+ units globally in 1st 4 mo., WARHEADS Pickle has made an impact on the 1.3B #pickle TikTok viewers. Over 3.6M viewers are following the #sourpicklechallenge, watching as people try to Survive the Sour! Will you? $1.39 5
Jel Sert CompanySkittles Drink MixesWild Berry PunchThis berry-forward flavor is a new addition to Skittles Drink Mixes, the #1 Variety Pack drink mix brand with $30M in retail sales and 67% growth. Skittles Wild Berry Punch revolutionizes water, bringing consumers that handful of Skittles flavor in every sip to the drink mix category. $1.25 0.54
Jelly Belly Candy CompanyHarry Potter™Butterbeer™ Jelly BeansHarry Potter™ Butterbeer™ Jelly Beans taste just like the beloved drink from the Wizarding World and come in a small and convenient 1 ounce bag. Each bean is a golden brown with white specks to represent the foam! $1.69 1
CandyRific LLCHilco WARHEADS Assorted Sour Booms Fruit Chews The new WARHEADS Mega Sour Booms are sour-dusted panned candy chews in four explosive flavors - Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Orange. Hilco Sweets teamed up with WARHEADS sour candy to create this delicious new candy. Perfect for all retail channels in this 2.5oz. peg bag. $1.49 2.5
Pez Candy, Inc.PEZ Candy, Inc.Disney 100th Anniversary Gift TinThe D100 Disney PEZ Gift Tin features four Disney Mickey and Friend's PEZ Dispensers in a platinum finish! Each gift tin includes: Mickey , Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck PEZ Dispensers and 6 rolls of PEZ Candy. Each case comes with 6 units. $14.99 1.74
Jel Sert CompanyJolly Rancher Drink MixesWatermelon LemonadeA unique fusion of JOLLY RANCHER'S signature bold fruit flavor & classic lemonade, this new drink mix is inspired by the new JOLLY RANCHER Lemonade GUMMIES. With 10-calories per serving, this new sweet-citrus twist reinvents taste expectations unlike any other lemonade. $1.25 0.71
Jel Sert Companyvitafusion infusions Drink Mixes Orange Passionfruit vitafusion infusions flavor is a game-changer in functional drink mixes, a category growing 60%+. Combining immunity, hydration, energy, vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, B12 and Elderberry, with the delicious taste & convenience of the #1 vitamin gummy brand. Hydration never tasted this good! $4.98 1.94
Mars Wrigley North AmericaDOVE® Ice CreamDOVEBAR Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate & Almonds Mini SticksThe new product is the first of its kind, with premium dark Dove Chocolate and almonds, a perfectly portioned, mini-ice cream bar meant to satisfy any sweet craving! It is made with 100% real ice cream using sustainably sourced vanilla. $6.49 11.1
CAL MarketingAlli & RoseGummy Candy Eyeballs"Squeeze the eye and pop to eat for a scary, squishy treat! These soft
Gummy Candy Eyeballs have a gooey jelly-filled center and come in individual single packs, perfect for spooky Halloween treats."
$11.99 16.93
KYC LLCHappylandMiraculous Fun Bites Chocolate Gummy We Pride Ourselves in having the highest-quality, novelty products that combine what kids love the most! Licensed cartoon characters, toys and of course candy. Our team is continuously developing new products to encourage kids to learn, play and snack well! $5.49 3.5
CandyRific LLCHilco KOOL-AID Assorted Fruity ChewsThe new KOOL-AID FRUIT CHEWS are panned candy chews in the top 3 Kool-Aid flavors – Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape. The uniquely identifiable brand of Kool-Aid is delicious with the hard shell and soft chew center. Perfect for all retail channels in this 2.5oz. peg bag $1.49 2.5