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Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.MentosFruit Mints with Vitamins - Cool Fruity MixDiscover new Mentos Sugarfree Fruit Mints with Vitamins, Cool Fruity Mix. Just 4 pieces provide 30% Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin B6, 15% DV of Vitamin C and 50% DV of Vitamin B12. $3.99 3.67
Mars Wrigley North AmericaEXTRAPink LemonadeAs a beloved nostalgic flavor, EXTRA Pink Lemonade transports consumers to brighter, happier moments throughout their day through the familiar sweet and tart flavor of lemonade with the bright, refreshing, and long-lasting flavor that EXTRA is known. $1.99 1.32
Ferrero North AmericaTic Tac®Sprite Lemon-Lime Flavored MintsTic Tac® Sprite® aims to recreate the tingly, refreshing experience people have come to know and love when drinking a Sprite®. Available in the iconic Tic Tac® packs, making them perfect to enjoy on the go as well as for being shared with friends. $1.69 1
Annabelle Candy & Seattle Gourmet FoodsMyntz!Breathmints - WintermintThe mainstream gum and mint category is still filled with products containing artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. Our reformulated Myntz! Wintermint is all natural and Non-GMO certified, using plant based sweeteners and natural flavors. $2.99 1.75
The Hershey CompanyIceBreakersIce Cubes Crystal Mint GumIce Breakers Ice Cubes Mint Crystal Gum is a uniquely refreshing, sweeter minty flavor featuring dozens of cooling flavor crystals. Available in a 3.24 oz. bottle pack. $3.99 3.24
Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.MentosPure Fresh Strawberry GumDiscover Mentos Pure Fresh Strawberry Gum! The perfect Fruit Flavored gum, for those seeking to find their next favorite fruit gum! $4.49 3.53
Zolli Candy - America's Healthy CandyZOLLI GUM POPZ Double StrawberryFirst in the World! Delicious Double Strawberry Zolli Gum Popz with Bubble-making zero sugar gum inside & zero sugar hard candy outside. Crunchy, chewy and bursting with flavor. Zolli Candy for ALL!
Allergy-free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Natural Flavors, No Artificial Colors. Clean teeth candy!
$6.99 5.6