ImageExhibitorBrandProductInfo Price weightAward
Chunk NibblesChunk NibblesApple Cinnamon Chunk NibblesHard not to FALL in love with these delicious clusters of salty pretzels, dehydrated apples, organic cinnamon, cinnamon crumbles, and corn squares all bound together with a light coating to form a delicious and ADDICTING cluster that will have you reaching for another bite! $5.49 4.25
Oh Snap! Pickling Co.Oh Snap! PicklingCranberry SweetiesNatural fruit juice infused cranberries. Contains all key antioxidants and vitamins. Preservative Free! 270 day shelf life into first receiver. Requires refrigeration. $2.50 2.25
Tru Fru LLCTru FruParfait Poppers: Nature’s Strawberries Frozen Fresh in Greek Yogurt & GranolaNature’s Strawberries Hyper-Chilled Fresh to preserve taste/nutrition and Immersed in Greek Yogurt and Granola.This season’s gourmet ambrosia comes in scrumptious strawberry, live greek yogurt, and granola.No platter needed for this poppable parfait. $4.99 5
EverGreen USA LLCJust The Fun PartWaffle Cones filled with Hazelnut Cream & Milk ChocolateJust The Fun Part, is a delicious snack that is sure to satisfy and delight your taste buds. The best bite of a classic sundae cone. The chocolate filled bottom! We use 100% Belgian chocolate, and German waffle cones to craft our one-of-a kind snack. $6.00 4.23
Cibo VitaNature's GardenProbiotic Strawberry YoggiesYogurt-coated (via panning), real fruit strawberry morsels are infused with Probiotics (2 billion live cultures) through a patented microencapsulation delivery system. Contains 3 grams of fiber per serving .Recyclable packaging, kosher certified. $11.99 21
Ruby JewelRuby Jewel Mocha Macchiato Ice Cream SandwichOur Mocha Macchiato Ice Cream Sandwich is made with premium caramelized espresso ice cream sandwiched between two decadent double chocolate chip cookies. $4.99 5.25
Mondelez International, IncTate's Bake ShopCookie Bark - Dark Chocolate with Sea SaltTate's has taken its signature crispy chocolate chip cookie pieces, covered them in dark chocolate and sea salt, and placed them in a resealable pouch to create a delicious, snackable treat. This is a premium product within the premium cookie segment. $6.49 5
Tower TreatsTower TreatsThe OG Half-Pound Cookie: Peanut Butter Chocolate ChipThe OG is a half-pound peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, scooped like ice cream, to ensure a unique golden crust, perfectly gooey center, and of course, a towering profile. Fully baked, these treats have a cookie-dough like taste and texture. $6.00 8
Edward Marc Brands, Inc.Edward Marc ChocolatierOrange Dream AlmondsInspired by your favorite ice cream truck treat, Orange Dream Almonds combines perfectly roasted almonds and delectable orange creme coating to create this refreshing summertime snack. No artificial flavors or preservatives. $15.98 32
OBA Foods, IncOBAApple SnacksA unique transformation from an apple into a crouton. It's puffy and melts in your mouth.
Containing only 4 ingredients that are clean and organic. A great alternative as a gluten free
product, and contains 96% apple. Easy on the go snack and more..
$5.49 1
Norma's Handcrafted SnacksNorma's Handcrafted SnacksFruity Snacks - Elderberry GingerNorma's transforms Grandma's handcrafted elderberry syrup into a gummy fruit snack for prestigious snackers who still want something fun! Cooked under vacuum (less heat) to retain nature's efforts of our midwest ingredients, from Farm to Fruit Snack. $4.49 1.76
Magnolia BakeryMagnolia BakeryBanana Pudding Cookies - Classic Vanilla with White Chocolate ChipsMagnolia Bakery’s world-famous Banana Pudding is now an indulgent cookie. Each box comes with four, individually wrapped, soft-baked cookies, made with real butter, real bananas, real white chocolate chips, and a scoop of vanilla wafers. $7.99 8
EverGreen USA LLCJust The Fun PartSmores-filled with Marshmallow & Milk ChocolateJust The Fun Part is a delicious snack that is sure to satisfy and delight your taste buds. The best bite of a classic sundae cone. The chocolate filled bottom! We use 100% Belgian chocolate, and German waffle cones to craft our one-of-a kind snack $6.00 4.23
POSHIPOSHIMarinated Artichokes with Basil & Thyme Gourmet Artichokes Quarters On The Go! Eat as a snack on the go, side it to your favorite dish, or use it as a topping to your pasta, pizza, or salad. Fully cooked and ready to eat. Liquid Free and No need refrigeration. $1.99 1.58
Cultured Kernel’s MASHUPCultured Kernel's MASHUPCaribbean Caramel with Coconut & Nuts Premium PopcornTaste Sophistication- Our signature 5-Spice Caribbean Caramel, pre our mixed nuts and toasted coconut unite for an ultimate snacking experience. $10.99 4.4
Norma's Handcrafted SnacksNorma's Handcrafted SnacksFruity Snacks - Strawberry RhubarbReminiscent of Midwestern summer, our Strawberry Rhubarb fruity snacks are sweet from local honey and real sugar, tart from real strawberry juice and rhubarb, and made under low heat to preserve nature's work. #Noweirdhere from Farm to Fruit Snack! $4.49 1.76
Port City PretzelsPort City PretzelsTasty Ranch DillOur most popular flavor is the pretzel that started it all. The irresistible recipe comes straight from the Foley family kitchen. With tasty ranch, rich butter, and delicious dill baked into every bite, this is no ordinary ranch flavor. $3.99 8
Mars Wrigley North AmericaDOVEMilk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel PromisesDOVE Milk Chocolate Molten Lava Caramel PROMISES are inspired by the classic and decadent Molten Lava cake. The new innovation is filled with a rich Molten Lava-flavored caramel center, cloaked in the silky-smooth milk chocolate DOVE fans know and love. $4.99 7.61
Gourmet NutPower UpChocolate Espresso MixLooking for that afternoon pick-me-up without all the jitters? Power Up Premium Trail Mix has you covered! Indulge in the rich and decadent flavors of our Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix made with a combination of dark chocolate, espresso, fruit, and crunchy nuts for the ultimate coffee break. $6.99 12
Every Body Eat®Every Body Eat®Cheese-Less ThinsCheese-less, flavor-full. All the cheesy flavor, but no dairy or unpronounceable ingredients for these snackable thins $5.99 4
Galil BrandsUncanny SnacksHoney Roasted Peanuts & AlmondsFun, mini-sized cans of nuts in Uncanny packaging. These little cans offer A Hearty Handful of Hunger Satisfying nuts in a unique way. The Ultra Fresh Cans are vacuum packed to maintain quality and freshness for 3 years, while the Premium Quality nuts are Non-GMO and delicious. $2.49 1.4
Loacker USA, Inc.LoackerTortina Peanut ButterLoacker Tortina Peanut Butter is the latest irresistible creation in the Tortina family. Covered in milk chocolate (39% of the product), it is filled with delicious peanut cream (54% of the product). $5.00 4.41
Made in Nature, LLCA'cappellaTruffle Cones - Cookies n' CreamA'cappella Truffle Cones are made with a crispy baked sugar cone and filled with a smooth, creamy, chocolate ganache center. Enjoy all your favorite flavors of summer days without the brain freeze! $4.99 2.54
EverGreen USA LLCJust The Fun PartWaffle Cones filled with Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Just The Fun Part is a delicious snack that is sure to satisfy and delight your taste buds... The best bite of a classic sundae cone. The chocolate filled bottom! We use 100% Belgian chocolate, and German waffle cones to craft our one-of-a kind snack. $6.00 4.23
KYC LLCHeart & Harvest Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean Powder Heart & Harvest is growing a better spice trade equitably and deliciously. Sourcing the world's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin vanilla, directly from partner farms to bring you next-level flavor and fragrance $24.99 2
Hostess BrandsVoortmanZero Sugar Mini Iced Oatmeal CookiesVOORTMAN Zero Sugar Mini Iced Oatmeal Cookies are the perfect feel good treat. Enjoy all the sweetness of iced oatmeal cookies in delicious sugar-free bites. Baked with real whole grain oats, these classic iced oatmeal cookies contain no artificial colors or flavors. $3.99 5
Beatrice Bakery CompanyGrandma's Bake ShoppeDark Chocolate Covered Fruitcake SquaresThis decadent treat is a bite sized slice of our Original Grandmas Fruitcake enriched with bourbon, brandy and rum. We then took it one step further and enrobed the slice with rich Dark Chocolate. Each irresistible square is individually wrapped. A confection worthy to carry Grandma's name. $12.50 5.5
FITCRUNCHChef Robert Irvine's FITCRUNCHMint Chocolate Chip Baked BarHigh Protein, Perfect Anytime Snack, Unique 6-Layered Baked Bar, Chef Created
$2.99 3.1
Gourmet NutPower UpGinger Citrus MixPower Up Premium Trail Mix has carefully crafted a new and unique blend of fruits, nuts, and seeds packed with an invigorating flavor. Our Ginger Citrus mix is the perfect combination of nutrient-dense ingredients like orange peel, ginger, and almonds that boost vitality and power up your day. $6.99 12
Belle's Gourmet PopcornBelle's PopcornCookies & Cream Popcorn-3 ozIntroducing Belle's Popcorn in smaller bags- the perfect size for grab & go! Our small bags are now offered for a select few of our sweet and premium flavors, including the flavor you see here. The other flavors include Sea Salt Caramel, Caramel Corn, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Drizzle. $4.49 3
The Nutty GourmetNutty GourmetKiddos Chocolate Walnut ButterKiddos was created to fuel healthy futures and uncover the power of walnuts. Packed with omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and plant-based proteins, this chocolate spread has 60% less sugar and 100% more brain fuel than the leading brand. $4.99 10
ChookieChookieOat Raisin Orange Pecan From very small batch baking to being made with good is good for you ingredients, Chookie Orange Pecan will scratch any cookie-bar itch.
Unlike products where a fraction of the package is a serving size, but the entire thing is always eaten, we invite you to savor the whole thing without guilt.
$2.39 1.1
Salt of the Earth BakerySalt of the Earth BakerySheetz Caramel BrownieOur fan favorite, made specially for Sheetz decadent, sweet and salty, double layer, caramel filled brownie. $1.99 2.4
AVI FOODSAVINOLADouble Chocolate Sea SaltAvinola is a gourmet keto granola that is innovatively made from gut healthy lupini beans. Loaded with fiber, protein and with less than 1g of total sugar. Its also grain and gluten free making it the ultimate guilt free snack or breakfast meal. $10.95 9
3-B's Treats3-B's TreatsBetter Bee ButtterBetter Bee Butter is perfect for people who are looking for a delicious alternative to peanut butter. It is a high protein and a great source of energy. $7.95 5
Salt of the Earth BakerySalt of the Earth BakeryThe Snappy DresserA cookie with crunch! Made with Belgian-style chocolate discs for even chocolate to cookie ratio and a finishing salt to give you the perfect sweet and savory combo. Crispy, delicious, and shelf stable, it will be love at first munch. $1.99 1.4
CAL MarketingSea TempleSmoked Shredded SquidOur Smoked Shredded Squid is taking a traditional Asian snack to the masses. Usually quite rare and expensive, our manufacturing process has allowed this product to be produced in a way that makes it more accessible and affordable! $13.99 12
KYC LLCHeart & Harvest Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean PasteHeart & Harvest is growing a better spice trade equitably and deliciously. Sourcing the world's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin vanilla, directly from partner farms to bring you next-level flavor and fragrance $20.99 5
Keto ValleyKeto ValleyRoasted Sweet Pumpkin Seed Seaweed ChipsIntroducing Keto Valley Seaweed Snacks - Our snacks are packed with roasted nutty flavors and unique crunch, not just another "me too" keto snack or seaweed sheet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the growing keto-friendly and seaweed snacks market at 5.5% and 10.4% CAGR respectively. $3.99 1.05