ImageExhibitorBrandProductInfo Price weightAward's ChocolateKopper's ChocolateMexican Hot Cocoa BitesSweet chunks of marshmallow dough are smothered in dark chocolate infused with chili, then dusted with cinnamon and sugar. $3.99 4
Tru Fru LLCTru FruNatures Raspberries Hyper-Dried Fresh in White & Dark Chocolate Nature’s Raspberries ripened on the vine, Hyper-Dried Fresh to preserve taste/nutrition, now featuring our fruit enhancing double immersion of decadent white & dark chocolate. What’s better than a Raspberry in Chocolate? Another layer of Chocolate. $4.99 4.2
SweetWorks Confections, LLCNiagara ChocolatesVanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Dark Chocolate CupsVanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Cups elevate the irresistible sensation of sipping your morning roast. Bite into rich dark chocolate to taste a vanilla sweet cream filling that’s sure to perk you up- like your favorite blend fresh from a cold press. Proudly hand crafted in Buffalo, NY. $5.99 4.1
SweetWorks Confections, LLCNiagara ChocolatesChurros & Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate ClustersDevour the decadence of a warm cinnamon dessert dunked and dipped in steamy cocoa with our Churro & Hot Chocolate Clusters. Every bite of spiced delight is paired with hot chocolate cookie pieces and enveloped in creamy milk chocolate. Proudly hand crafted in Buffalo, NY. $5.99 4.1
G.O.A.T FoodsPopstersMilk Chocolate PopstersExperience the refined marriage of both flavor & texture: the crunch of caramel corn enrobed in a rich, velvety chocolate blanket, balanced with a sprinkle of artisanal sea salt to create a $18.00 14
Edward Marc Brands, Inc.Edward Marc ChocolatierOat Milk Caramel MedallionsOur newly crafted, one-of-a-kind oat milk caramel combines with a pinch of espresso sea salt and our plant based sustainably sourced oat milk chocolate to create this perfectly portioned, remarkably thin chocolate treat. No artificial flavors or preservatives, vegan friendly. $12.98 24
SweetWorks Confections, LLCNiagara ChocolatesPineapple Passionfruit Dark Chocolate CupsIndulge in a bite of sweet and tangy Pineapple Passionfruit flavored filling, inside of a smooth and rich Dark Chocolate Cup! Proudly American hand crafted in Buffalo, NY with non-GMO ingredients and Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa. $5.99 4.1
UNREALUNREALDark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat BarRich caramel, chewy nougat and crunchy peanuts coated in smooth dark chocolate! You wouldn't know our bars have 40% less sugar and 70% organic ingredients. Taste-first consumers and better-for-you shoppers will be hooked after they take a bite and read the fine print. It's guilt-free indulgence! $6.49 3.4
Second Nature BrandsSandersDairy Free Oatmilk Chocolate Sea Salt CaramelsSlow batch, slow kettle cooked dairy free caramel made with real coconut cream and enrobed in decadent oatmilk chocolate then sprinkled with sea salt. No artificial colors or preservatives. $6.99 5.5
7th Heaven Chocolate7th Heaven Peanut Butter Cream Chocolate BarCreamy chocolate treat with peanut butter cream; Delicate peanut butter and 7th Heavens tempting creamy chocolate, combined. A perfectly balanced salty-sweet treat that will make you love peanuts even more. $6.50 3.5
Darrell Lea BrandsDarrell LeaMilk Chocolate Raspberry BitesWhat makes Darrell Lea Bites so irresistible? We focus on good quality ingredients. Treat yourself to our famously soft and chewy raspberry licorice center blanketed in smooth and creamy Darrell Lea milk chocolate. It’s goodness wrapped in goodness! $3.99 7
7th Heaven Chocolate7th HeavenHazelnut Cream Chocolate BarCreamy chocolate treat with hazelnut cream; A smooth hazelnut cream hidden inside our famous creamy chocolate, that is elegant in the tastiest way possible. Get ready for an immediate mood-boost that will make your day tastier and sweeter. $6.50 3.5
ChocXO ChocolatierChocxoOrganic Dark Milk Chocolate Toffee, Almond & Sea Salt SnapsA rich dark milk chocolate blend, made from a combination of 85% cacao dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate, matches perfectly with sweet, crunchy toffee bits, diced almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt. A true indulgence with 3g sugar per piece. $5.99 3.45
G.O.A.T FoodsDownUndersMilk Chocolate Strawberry DownUndersPerhaps there is no more winning duo than licorice and chocolate. Each piece of this unique, limited edition delight combines the most delicious strawberry Australian licorice with smooth, gourmet milk chocolate. $18.00 14
ChocXO ChocolatierChocxoOrganic Dark Chocolate Coconut CupsChocxo's New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups are a truly indulgent, lower sugar, organic delight. The combination of organic coconut, white chocolate and a rich 85% dark chocolate shell deliver true indulgence with just 3 grams of sugar per cup. $5.99 3.45
Darrell Lea BrandsDarrell LeaMilk Chocolate Licorice BitesWhat makes Darrell Lea Bites so irresistible? We focus on good quality ingredients. Generously smothered in rich, smooth Darrell Lea milk chocolate and a soft licorice center full of natural Australian molasses and licorice root extract. $3.99 7
SIMPLYSIMPLYChocolate Date Bar - Triple CacaoOur Chocolate Date Bar is a reinvention of the candy bar that celebrates chewy, sweet, and nourishing organic dates. Our candy bar is made with clean ingredients & covered in organic fairtrade dark chocolate with an added hint of coconut sugar. Each bite will confirm real ingredients taste better. $2.99 1.76
SweetWorks Confections, LLCNiagara ChocolatesRed Velvet Cheesecake Dark Chocolate CupsBite into small batch, creamy dark chocolate and indulge in sweet, delicious notes of red velvet and cocoa complimented by the delicate tang and smoothness of cheesecake. Proudly hand crafted in Buffalo, NY with non-GMO ingredients and Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa. $5.99 4.1
The Hershey CompanyReese'sPlant-based Peanut Butter CupsExpanding the iconic brand's flavorful combination to a new audience of fans. Plant-Based Reese's is an oat chocolate confection with a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience made with dairy alternatives. Certified vegan. $2.29 1.4
Mars Wrigley North AmericaM&M'SCaramel Cold BrewM&M’S Caramel Cold Brew taps into the booming cold brew coffee scene to deliver a delicious combination of smooth, robust coffee flavor and sweet, chewy caramel, covered in classic M&M’S milk chocolate and wrapped in a colorful, candy shell. $1.25 1.41
Mars Wrigley North AmericaTWIXCookie DoughTWIX’s brand-new, irresistible flavor leans into nostalgia to uplift our consumers. TWIX Cookie Dough pairs the classic TWIX cookie bars with a creamy cookie dough-flavored layer, sprinkled with delicious chocolate cookie bits, all coated with milk chocolate. $1.25 1.36
Trupo Treats Vegan ChocolateMylk ChocolateVegan & Gluten-Free Crispy Wafer BarOur chocolate wafer bars bring you back to the nostalgic crispy wafer snap that you grew up loving. Made with 100% vegan ingredients and fairly traded cacao, our delicious bars cater to those with dairy and gluten allergies, as well as health-conscious consumers (20% less sugar than Kit-Kat). $3.29 1.4
Pecan NationPecan NationChocolate Flavored PecansIntroducing our NEW Chocolate flavored pecans! This product features our award winning Georgia Grown Pecans, roasted & salted, covered with milk chocolate that will simply leave you wanting more. Our mission, continue to bring great tasting snacking pecans to the masses! We hope you enjoy! $4.99 4
JOJO's ChocolateJOJO's ChocolateDark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Filled BitesHigh quality German dark chocolate topped with real hazelnuts and filled with a creamy hazelnut butter with added plant protein. Not only are these bites filled with delicious ingredients, they are a better for you treat with only 2g sugar per bite. $6.49 3.6
CandyRific LLCHilco Girl Scouts Thin Mint Milk Chocolate Malt BallsThe new candy has a crunchy malted milk balls coating in Girl Scout Thin Mints inspired Milk Chocolate - For a decadent innovation in confection in a 4-ounce bag. This gives chocolate mint treat lovers a delicious light crispy malted confection combination – Inspired by a proven cookie favorite. $5.99 4
Second Nature BrandsSandersBourbon Dark Chocolate Sea Salt CaramelsSmall batch, slow kettle cooked caramel with bourbon flavoring enrobed in decadent dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Made with real cream and butter. No artificial colors or preservatives. $10.99 36
The Hershey CompanyReese'sBig Cup Stuffed with Reese™’s Puffs CerealReese™’s Big Cup Stuffed with Reese™’s Puffs cereal is the most epic Reese™’s on Reese™’s experience yet. This ultimate family reunion is a unique combination of chocolate, peanut butter and light crunch of cereal. Available in standard, king and miniatures share sizes. $1.99 1.2
Second Nature BrandsSandersPeppermint Dark Chocolate Sea Salt CaramelsSmall batch, slow kettle cooked caramel with peppermint flavoring enrobed in decadent dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt and crushed peppermint candies. Made with real cream and butter. No artificial colors or preservatives $10.99 36
CAL MarketingAlli & RoseMini Milk Chocolate Wafer ConesOur Chocconi Mini Wafer Cones with Milk Chocolate bring a level of quality that is yet to be seen in the marketplace. Made with extra soft Barry Calebaut chocolate and from full sizes cones, cut to size, these are truly the best of bit of the ice cream!
$11.99 11
Chocolette Distribution LLCRED ChocolateRED Vegan Chocolate with Oat MilkExperience a 100% plant-based VEGAN chocolate, European crafted with oats complimented with zesty hints of orange & protein filled almonds for that crunch we all need in our life. Indulge in no added sugar, Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, palm oil free & most of all a certified VEGAN delight. $2.99 3
LakantoLakantoChocolate GemsDip your hands into chocolate... well, hard shell, colorfully coated, deliciously decadent chocolate. Even better, it's all colored from natural sources. Don't be afraid to grab a handful either, it's sugar-free, so the more the merrier! $7.99 4.5
Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.Cella'sSquares Milk Chocolate CherryChocolate Squares with delicious milk chocolate on the outside and a smooth, creamy cherry cream on the inside. A great addition to Candy Dish segment. Cella has a strong presence at Christmas. Consumers will be excited for a new item from an established favorite. $6.79 7.9
Ferrero North AmericaKinder ChocolateKinder ChocolateKinder Chocolate - crafted for kids taste & parents reassurance. Creamy milky filling coated in a thin milk chocolate shell satisfies kids while small, individually wrapped portions and absence of artificial colors or preservatives assures parents. $1.69 1.8
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Big CherryBig Cherry BitesDrive growth to the largest chocolate category (bags > 3.5oz) with Big Cherry Bites. Individually wrapped bites appeal to consumers looking for portion sized treats less than 100 calories. Only 70 calories per pack, consumers will love its BIG chocolate covered cherry cream taste in a SMALL BITE. $4.99 6.7