Harry Potter™ Butterbeer™ Barrel Tin
Jelly Belly Candy CompanyHarry Potter™ Butterbeer™ Barrel TinEnter the Wizarding World™ with a fantastic new barrel tin from Jelly Belly. Filled with Butterbeer chewy candy pieces in a fun beer mug shape, the Harry Potter Butterbeer Barrel Tin is sure to have a strong appeal to Harry Potter fans of all ages!4.991.5
Jel Sert CompanySkittles Jel Sert replicated Skittles fans' love for eating their candy by the handful with Skittles PUNCH Drink Mix. With five unique Skittles flavors blended into the mix, Jel Sert perfectly formulated each to match those of the iconic Skittles rainbow. 1.692
POWERADE - Mountain Berry Blast and Fruit Punch
Jel Sert CompanyPOWERADE - Mountain Berry Blast and Fruit PunchJel Sert replicated the quality and functionality of POWERADE drinks with POWERADE Sports Freezer Bar (top Freezer Bar growth brand in 2021[JP1]), offering consumers electrolyte replenishment with an added benefit of a cooling effect. 3.2924
Black Panther Gift Tin
Pez Candy, Inc.Black Panther Gift TinThe Marvel Black Panther Gift Tin features four Black Panther themed PEZ Dispensers: Black Panther, Shuri, Purple Black Panther, and Okoye. Packaged in a collectible gift tin, each Black Panther set includes one six pack of PEZ Candy Refills. 12.991.74
Juicy Drop® Remix
Bazooka Candy BrandsJuicy Drop® RemixJuicy Drop® Remix is a fun new way to get your perfect mix of sweet and sour. Mix chewy sweet and sour candy from a unique dual compartment container. Create your perfect mix by eating them together or taste them on their own! 1.891.3
Cry Baby Sour Chews
Concord Confections, Inc.Cry Baby Sour ChewsKeeping with the trend of Sour items in the Market Cry Baby Sour Chews are a great addition to our Cry Baby Family! Cry Baby Sour Chews in five sour flavors. Cherry, Berry, Apple, Lemon and Orange.1.997
Ant Eater
Food Fight Co LLCAnt EaterHere’s a game / Snack that will make you go viral! Flip the game coin to determine the fate of your taste buds. Whoever reaches the FINISH circle first, WINS! The loser will eat the predetermined amount of culinary grade ants. Enjoy your snack...265.1
Carolina Reaper Roulet
Food Fight Co LLCCarolina Reaper RouletPlace each bear on a number, on the game board. Each player takes turns rolling the dice. Whatever number it lands on, that's the bear you eat. Keep playing until someone gets a mouth full of FIRE! Can you handle the heat? Enjoy 264.9
Pucker Up
Food Fight Co LLCPucker Up Don't be a sourpuss! Challenge your opponent to see who can handle extreme levels of SOUR. Hold a straight face for at least 30 seconds until someone breaks. Don't be sour, post your reaction on social media and tag us! Enjoy 265.5
Gummy Sour Belts
GalerieGummy Sour BeltsSweet gummy with sour belt pop. This gummy is molded and iced to look like your favorite characters and has a colorful sour belt. The best Licenses! Spiderman, LOL Surprise, Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, Mandalorian's Grogu1.491.23
Large Gummy Characters
GalerieLarge Gummy Characters Jumbo Gummy Characters with Bonus Mini Gummy! These large gummies are molded and decorated to look like your favorite Licensed Characters. LOL Surprise, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, and Mandalorian's Grogu. 5.996.7
Kinder Joy Avatar
Ferrero North AmericaKinder Joy AvatarKINDER JOY®'s limited edition Avatar-inspired toys celebrate Disney’s much-anticipated sequel, bringing Pandora to a new generation. This collaboration will spark children’s imagination and bring home the world of Avatar.1.990.7
Mandalorian Gift Tin
Pez Candy, Inc.Mandalorian Gift TinThe Star Wars Mandalorian Gift Tin features four Mandalorian themed PEZ Dispensers: The Mandalorian, Grogu in Pram, Fennec Shand, and Boba Fett. Packaged in a collectible gift tin, each Mandalorian set includes one six pack of PEZ Candy Refills. 12.991.74
Mothers Day Goodiegram Greeting Card, Sweet Peach
Goodiegram GreetingsMothers Day Goodiegram Greeting Card, Sweet PeachPurple Plum creates beautifully crafted Goodiegram Greeting Cards with candy, nuts, or chocolate inside. Also includes a card to write your personal message as well as a sturdy mailer. Perfect all in one greeting card gift.14.950.65
Vitafusion - Berry Lemonade
Jel Sert CompanyVitafusion - Berry LemonadeFunctionality is a crucial driver in the powdered drink stick category, so Jel Sert partnered with Vitafusion for Vitafusion Infusions Drink Mixes, enhancing consumers' daily hydration and compliments their daily vitamin regimen. 5.992