Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry 8 oz Sub
FerraraNerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry 8 oz SubNerds Gummy Cluster is a poppable sweet treat with Very Berry Nerds surrounding a fruity gummy center for a tangy twist. 3.158
Froot Loops Gummy Peg Bag
GalerieFroot Loops Gummy Peg Bag 4 oz Fruit Loops Gummy Peg Bag. Merchandized in a PDQ for shelve display convenience. The shape, taste , and natural fruit flavors is inspired by Froot Loops Cereal. This items brings the Cereal Fans into the candy isle. 3.994
Juicy Drop® Gummy Dip N
Bazooka Candy BrandsJuicy Drop® Gummy Dip N' Stix Juicy Drop® Gummy Dip ‘n Stix is packed with sweet gummy stix and sour gel so you can take your your dip ‘n dip n’ dip anywhere! Create YOUR perfect mix of sweet and sour with Juicy Drop® Gummy Dip ‘n Stix.1.893.4
Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz
FerraraSweetarts Gummies Fruity SplitzSweeTARTS signature sweet & tart flavors now in a soft chewy gummy! Each piece delivers the delicious fruity flavors consumers know and love in vibrant dual colors where one side is sweet and the other is tart! 1.495
STARBURST Airs Original Gummies Candy
Mars Wrigley USSTARBURST Airs Original Gummies CandyDifferent from your typical gummi candy, STARBURST Airs are an aerated gummi candy with a unique, soft and squishy texture. The fluffy gummies are inflated with the flavor of beloved STARBURST candies yet are soft to bite into and easy to chew.2.184.3
Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms™
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms™Albanese® World’s Best Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms™ provide an experience with sour worms like never before. These soft, combo flavored gummi worms have 12 super sour flavors, are not only sour dusted on the outside, but sour on the inside, too!2.998
Black Forest Smoothies Fruit Flavored Snacks
FerraraBlack Forest Smoothies Fruit Flavored SnacksBlack Forest Smoothie Fruit Flavored Snacks are made with real fruit juice and colors and flavors from real sources. They are soft and fluffy while chewy and sweet. 2.15.6
Bon Bon Bum Mystery
Colombina CandyBon Bon Bum MysteryTriple the flavor, triple the mystery. Find out which flavors come to your senses while you enjoy this pop. Start with a flavor and discover the new ones. Super colorful, joyful, deliciously mysterious.2.9914
Chupa Chups XXL Trio Lollipops - Strawberry Kiwi
Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.Chupa Chups XXL Trio Lollipops - Strawberry KiwiChupa Chups XXL Trio is a really, really big lollipop with a big burst of bubblegum inside. It’s uniquely the only gum pop in the U.S. with dual flavors fused together--a trend with consumers that’s driving tremendous growth in total non-chocolate. 0.691.02
Peanut Brittle Bites
Edward Marc Brands, Inc.Peanut Brittle BitesNo artificial flavors or preservatives, only 7 simple ingredients. Our Peanut Brittle Bites are loaded with 'peanuty, buttery' goodness. Whether you gift it to a friend or snack on it yourself (that's what we do), every bite will be ‘remarcable’!19.9924
Taco Twosday
Mederer of North America, Inc.Taco Twosdayefrutti combines new individually wrapped items inspired by a weekly household tradition into our new Taco Twosday variety pack. By offering more than one piece of every item, this new offering attracts consumers young and old to share in the fun.2.492.7
FI-BEING Hard Candy
Morinaga America, Inc. FI-BEING Hard Candy From the makers of HI-CHEW, Morinaga America Inc. presents FI-BEING: a new brand founded on the principles of creating better-for-you candy options that maintain the flavor experience Morinaga products are known for. 3.291.76
Frubites - The 100%  Pure Fruit Snack
Rev Snacks Inc.Frubites - The 100% Pure Fruit SnackFrubites are the cool new way of eating fruits anywhere anytime. Frubites have only one ingredient, i.e. pure freeze-dried fruit with no preservatives, no colour, or artificial flavor. They are Gluten-free and Vegan friendly. 4.50.71
Fantasy Mix
Morinaga America, Inc. Fantasy Mix 3 brand new flavors including Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii, and Blue Raspberry. The Fantasy Mix offers unique and nostalgic flavors, expands on HI-CHEW’s innovative product line-up, and stands out against the brand’s traditional fruit flavors.2.993
Morinaga America, Inc. Infrusions Infrusions creates a new premium HI-CHEW experience! With an inner layer that is slightly softer than the outer layer, each chew has increased juiciness while maintaining the same great chewy texture HI-CHEW fans love in 3 enhanced fruit flavors.4.294.24
Reduced Sugar
Morinaga America, Inc. Reduced Sugar Reduced Sugar offers a better-for-you candy choice with the same great taste & texture fanatics expect from HI-CHEW! The R&D team focused on creating top-selling flavors w/ 30% less sugar, made with dietary fiber (inulin) & other unique formulations!3.292.12
Katjes U.S.A., Inc.Rainbow Katjes Rainbow adds value to the strong plant based trend as a colorful, photogenic gummy with social media-ready narrative. This is the plant based gummy that proves mass appeal by delivering a no-compromise chewy texture - without animal gelatin!3.994.9
Lily's SweetsLily's Sour Gummy WormsLily's Sweets delivers delicious, no-sugar-added confections that people obsess over. Created on the belief that people can eat better without giving up sweets, Lily’s Sour Gummy Worms have no sugar added, are gluten-free and non-GMO verified.2.781.8
PEEPS® 8 ct. Wildberry Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies
Just Born Quality ConfectionsPEEPS® 8 ct. Wildberry Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies The PEEPS® Brand adds even more magic to the Easter season with Sparkly Wild Berry Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies! These sweet and fruity Bunnies with purple confetti come in a package designed with the iconic Bunny dressed up as a playful unicorn.1.013
Dare Foods LimitedREALFRUIT MEDLEYLove life? Then you'll looove REALFRUIT, a delicious flavor explosion that is certified plant based. These yummy REALFRUIT gummies are made with fruit puree and have no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. They are also peanut and gluten free. 3.212
Scrummy Gummy Bears
The Scrummy Sweets Co.Scrummy Gummy BearsThe world's first truly zero sugar gummy bears made without sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners, with the traditional texture demanded by gummy lovers. With 1g net carbs per bag, these satisfy the fast growing keto and diabetic markets.3.791.76
Shameless Snacks
Shameless FoodsShameless SnacksWe believe snacking should be fun, flavorful, and guilt-free. We wanted to recreate all of your childhood favorites whether that’s snack-aisle gummies, classic chocolates, bags of chips, candy bars only without all the “bad stuff.” 70 calories31.8
SmartSweets Caramels
SmartSweetsSmartSweets CaramelsNew SmartSweets Caramels. A rich smooth caramel flavor, with a luscious chewy texture. No artificial sweeteners, added sugar or sugar alcohols, with just 1 gram of sugar and 140 calories per 45g bag! Feel good about candy with SmartSweets!3.291.6
Shell Pop
PISSAShell PopIt’s not a Jawbreaker. Enjoy Double Flavor and Sensation in just one Lollipop! It has a tasty Compressed Dextrose center and a colorful Hard Panning, which makes it very attractive for kids. 3.295.37
Trolli Sour Duo Crawlers Mango/Pineapple, Citrus/Watermelon and Strawberry/Guava.
FerraraTrolli Sour Duo Crawlers Mango/Pineapple, Citrus/Watermelon and Strawberry/Guava.Trolli is taking gummi worms to the next level with the launch of Sour Duo Crawlers, which feature fruity-flavored sour gummi worms with one side soft and the other gummi for the ultimate dual-texture experience. 1.14.25
Sour Kiwi Slices
Vidal Candies USA, Inc.Sour Kiwi SlicesDual colored our Sour Kiwi Slices combine a most amazing fruity flavor with a kicking sourness that will make for a mouthwatering treat!Totally irresistible! Sour is the way to go for continues success. We are “not kiwing with you!. 0.993.5
Wild Raspberries
Vidal Candies USA, Inc.Wild Raspberries Wildest pick of the Bunch !!! Try one and go "berry"wild! Triple deposit Raspberry shaped gummy with Wild Raspberry flavor and a sour coating!!! Great crunch with a soft pectin center¦¦. Watch it™s Tongue painter effect!!0.993.5
Peanut-Free Spread
Voyage FoodsPeanut-Free SpreadVoyage is recreating the world’s favorite foods so that we can all enjoy them, forever. Our Peanut-Free Spread is all natural and free from top allergens making it the perfect replacement to traditional peanut butter without sacrificing flavor.4.4916
Whirly Pop Gummies (Cherry, Orange, Apple, Grape)
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Whirly Pop Gummies (Cherry, Orange, Apple, Grape)In development for 3+ years, Whirly Pop Gummies replicate iconic Whirly Pops in a chewy format, right down to the gummy stick! Appealing to gummi consumers and Whirly Pop fans they expand the chewy sector with their unique swirl and innovative shape!3.997.5
Whirly Pop Sour Gummies (Cherry, Orange, Apple, Grape)
Adams & Brooks, Inc.Whirly Pop Sour Gummies (Cherry, Orange, Apple, Grape)Whirly Pop Sour Gummies replicate iconic Whirly Pops in a chewy format, right down to the gummy stick! Appealing to sour gummi consumers and Whirly Pop fans they expand the chewy sector with their unique swirl and innovative shape!3.997.5
Spicy & Sweet Marshmallows
Yummallo LLCSpicy & Sweet Marshmallows We know that the number #1 use for marshmallows is s'mores. How do we elevate that? So, we added just the right amount of heat to create a fluffy marshmallow that will pair beautifully with dark chocolate. Great with fruit, hot cocoa. Nut free. 2.985.25
Zaffi KETO Taffy
Zolli CandyZaffi KETO TaffyFUN + FREE! Delicious zooey, gooey Zaffi® KETO Taffy candy snack makes mouths happy and bodies healthy! High in Vitamin C, Zaffi® Taffy does not stick to teeth. YES! It's Candy EVERYONE can enjoy! 0g Sugar, 0g Net Carbs, KETO, Vegan, Fun!6.995