Chile Limon Chicharrones
4505 MeatsChile Limon Chicharrones4505 light and crispy melt-in-your-mouth chicharrones are now available with Tajin’s timeless and tangy chile limón seasoning for a perfect culinary marriage.4.992.25
Hot & Spicy
Old Wisconsin SausageHot & SpicyHot & Spicy is crafted with a blend of Serrano, Jalapeno and Red Peppers. With 0g of sugar and just the right amount of heat, it will appeal to a wide range of consumers. It's pepper perfection, that will have them coming back for more! 3.994
Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky
Country Archer ProvisionsCracked Pepper Beef JerkyBlack pepper jerky is #3 in convenience + MULO but with a void for tasty, better-for-you options, Country Archer launched a bite with a blend of real ingredients: grass-fed beef, cracked black pepper and dehydrated bell peppers for a unique zing.6.997
Lemongrass Beef Jerky
PREVAIL JerkyLemongrass Beef JerkyWhen life gives you lemongrass-make jerky. Lemongrass, garlic and a few other flavors complement each other like yin and yang, to create a flavor fusion never before tasted by the jerky world. A sweet and citrusy zest that keeps you wanting more. 6.992.25
Philly Cheese Style Sausage – To Go Pack
Ranch House Sausage Co.Philly Cheese Style Sausage – To Go PackThis product is made with real ingredients to create a flavorful explosion to your taste buds. This sausage is fantastic alone or with crackers, even fried. All the flavor of the sandwich without the mess.4.996
Carnisnack with Lemon Pepper seasoning
International Food SaltilloCarnisnack with Lemon Pepper seasoningInnovation with meat snacks. Crunchy Dried Beef with Lemon Pepper seasoning. A No sugar, No carbs, Gluten-free snack ready to eat. 3.49100112
Donair Sticks
Tony's Meats Ltd.Donair SticksMr. Donair now offers it's Famous Original Canadian Donair Taste in a first of its kind shelf stable Donair meat stick! A delicious high quality "On The Go" snack that is sure to Boost sales! Try one today...3.491.76
Vegan Jerky - Sweet BBQ
Noble JerkyVegan Jerky - Sweet BBQEffortless plant protein snacks from a third generation meat company pivoted to plant based for sustainability. 14g plant protein, natural, non-GMO. Easily fits into grocery, C&G, drug, club, mass, outdoor, fitness/health and sports stores. 4.992.47
Hawaiian Style Snack Stick
Ranch House Sausage Co.Hawaiian Style Snack StickFruit and cheese with meat – yup! This was a fantastic combination of sweet with savory bringing that pineapple ham flavors together to make your mouth water. Want to be super crazy – put it on pizza, wow. Gotta try some.7.998
Crispy Shrimp Cheeks
CAL MarketingCrispy Shrimp CheeksOur Shrimp Cheeks are made using a part of the shrimp that is usually discarded. The shrimp cheek is fried and seasoned to create a delicious crunchy snack. It's a form of waste reduction and a delicious new snack, never seen in the market before.9.995
Snackatelas with spicy seasoning
International Food SaltilloSnackatelas with spicy seasoningWe bring to you meat snacks with different flavors and textures. Potato chips with spicy seasoning and crunchy dried beef chips with chili-lime seasoning. The perfect carbs and protein combo. Product of Mexico. 3.491.9
Chophouse Bites - Hawaiian-Style Teriyaki
Tillamook Country SmokerChophouse Bites - Hawaiian-Style TeriyakiPremium natural USA pork + real pineapple + sunflower seeds = a curiously craveable bite! 7g protein per serving, no artificial colors or flavors & proudly made in the USA. These bites have a softer chew than beef jerky = whole family & kid appeal!5.992.5
Chophouse Bites - Jalapeno Cheddar
Tillamook Country SmokerChophouse Bites - Jalapeno Cheddar100% natural USA pork + jalapeno peppers + real cheddar cheese = the first of its kind in the meat snack aisle… meat & cheese in one zesty jalapeno poppin’ bite! 0g sugar, 0g carbs, 7g protein. No artificial colors or flavors. Keto friendly.5.992.5
Chophouse Bites - Zero Sugar Original Chophouse
Tillamook Country SmokerChophouse Bites - Zero Sugar Original ChophouseZero Sugar premium natural USA pork bites. 0g carbs and 8g protein per serving, with a garlic & herb flavor profile reminiscent of your favorite Steak & Chophouse. Softer chew than traditional jerky, so a true family favorite. Keto & Paleo friendly5.992.2