EXTRA Refreshers Fruity Mix Sugar-Free Chewing Gum
Mars Wrigley USEXTRA Refreshers Fruity Mix Sugar-Free Chewing GumCombining 3 fan-favorite flavors - strawberry freeze, tropical mist and lemonade chill - EXTRA Refreshers Fruity Mix features a soft gum chew coated in a thin shell that provides a multi-sensorial chewing experience and long-lasting flavor.2.463.21
Mentos Gum with Vitamins - Berry
Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.Mentos Gum with Vitamins - BerryMentos Gum with Vitamins is now available in a delicious new flavor, Berry! Chewing 2 pieces for 10 minutes of this unique gum provides additional vitamins to your diet – 30% of the recommended daily value of vitamins B6, B12 and C. 3.993.17
Tic Tac® Strawberry & Cream
Ferrero North AmericaTic Tac® Strawberry & CreamThis most indulgent addition to our flavor line-up offers a delightful mix of fresh and sweet-creamy strawberry flavors. Enjoy one-by-one, or combine for an indulgent & mouth-watering mashup. 1.551
Blow Pop Inside Outs
Charms CompanyBlow Pop Inside OutsBlow Pop Inside Outs and new treat. Gum on on the outside and crushed lollipops on the inside. Great flavors, Blue Razz, Cherry, Green Apple and Grape.1.997
Rev GumREV ENERGY GUMREV ENERGY is changing the on-the-go energy space with our functional energy gum! Our product is sugar free, has the right amount of caffeine to get you going (equal to a shot of espresso), tastes great, and, contains 6 servings of energy per pack!2.991
NUDE Mints - Ice Shot (Peppermint Flavor)
NUDE MintsNUDE Mints - Ice Shot (Peppermint Flavor)World’s first 2-in-1 breath & gut freshening mint, cleanses breath & freshens gut. Container design = high retail CVR. Perfect mix of impulse & technology for gut & mental wellness trends. 20M Units sold globally. 50k Social following. Made in Japan.3.990.05
Bubble Gum Worms - Tutti Frutti Flavor
PISSABubble Gum Worms - Tutti Frutti FlavorA Jolly and Unique concept to eat Bubble Gum! Enjoy Bubblegum Strips in a delicious Tutti Frutti flavor. Its long pack provides a BIG size impression. It has an Easy Close package for maintain product freshness.8.9912