TripiPure Jerky CoTripi's Sweet Spicy OriginalPure Jerky uses ultra high grade, 100% US Angus Beef in small batches to create perfect texture and complex deliciousness. Our unique process is executed completely by hand in our brand new Zero-Waste Facility in Austin, Texas.6.992
BaconwichCheesewich FactoryBaconwichOwner Tony Migacz thought of Baconwich while bowling w/ his grandkids. He was actually in the back drinking beer w/ the Papas. His daughter had brought string cheese & turkeybacon. The Papas were all eating it together, & thats how Baconwich was born1.291.17
Sour Cream and Onion Crispy Jerky Chips

Stoney Point Meats Inc.Sour Cream and Onion Crispy Jerky Chips In a category that has had no major concept changes other than exotic flavor profiles I introduce to you Crispy Jerky Chips. Thin like a chip, crunches like a chip but is all protein. Ditch the bag of deep fried Potato chips and eat meat repeat.155