Mentos Gum Paperboard BottlePerfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.Mentos Gum Paperboard BottleMentos Pure Fresh Gum – Now in a Paperboard Bottle! A first in the US gum category, this new bottle is made of 90% recyclable paperboard, giving consumers the Mentos Gum they know and love in a paper-based bottle, with no premium cost.4.995.64
Bazooka Sugar Free To-Go CupBazooka Candy Brands, a Division of The Topps CompanyBazooka Sugar Free To-Go CupThe Bazooka Sugar Free To Go Cup is now in Classic 1980s packaging! Families will love this trip down memory lane, as they get a fun Sugar-Free twist on the Original Bubble Gum flavor and comics!3.793
Orbit Gum Mega PackMars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLCOrbit Gum Mega Pack• In April 2021, ORBIT® will be BIGGER and BOLDER with the launch of ORBIT® Mega Packs – a proven upsize pack containing 30 pieces so people can chew more gum. New ORBIT® Mega Packs are portable and keep gum fresh, offering shelf longevity.2.295.8
Tic Tac® Tropical AdventureFerrero USA, Inc.Tic Tac® Tropical AdventureThis brand-new addition to the Adventures sub-line takes your taste buds to flavor paradise. It features four delicious fruity flavors: pineapple, mango, banana, and passion fruit, which come together to form one vibrant and adventurous pack!1.491