Access illuminating insights.

Sweets & Snacks Expo Education Made Possible By:

Prepare to be dazzled by the education program at the Sweets & Snacks Expo. You’ll learn about the latest research and insights from industry leaders — and gain strong tactics for turning those ideas into actionable (and profitable) business strategies.

Eye Opener Education

Rise and shine! Eye-Opener sessions deliver an unparalleled look into consumer habits and retail trends that will shape the industry—and your buying decisions.

Innovation Stage

Sponsored by:

Barry Callebaut

Get all the juicy details on sustainability, seasonal sales, big new flavors and other essential topics during Innovation Stage presentations.

Insights Stage

Sponsored by:

Barry Callebaut

Insights Stage experts use up-to-the-minute data to paint a vivid picture of how you can use marketing, technology, purchasing behaviors and other factors to drive business to your store.

Inspiration Stage

Sponsored by:

Barry Callebaut

The Inspiration Stage takes a closer look at front-end best practices, category growth drivers and product innovation.

Supplier Showcase Education

Hear from industry experts and thought leaders providing unique insights, strategies and trends around the topic of sustainability within the confectionery industry.

Distributor Resource Center

The Distributor Resource Center will provide Sweets & Snacks Expo attendees information on how to begin forming relationships with distributors, best practices to make the most of distributor partnerships and the latest resources on how to find the right distributor partner.

Show floor


National Candy Month Resource Center

Positioned to bridge the gap between the Easter and Halloween confectionery sales seasons, National Candy Month in June brings a new opportunity for incremental confectionery sales. The National Candy Month Resource Center is where Sweets & Snacks Expo attendees can learn how to get started in building their own National Candy Month promotions.