Shoppers have more choices than ever before. They balance existing retailer and product preferences with emotional, functional and lifestyle needs to navigate an increasingly complex and omnichannel shopping experience. This track explores the shifting retail landscape and shopping habits of these evolving shoppers and gives insight into how to win them in the aisles, online, on their phones and wherever else they shop.

New products, packaging and merchandising methods are changing the shopper’s retail experience in-store and online. This track traces the impact of COVID-19 on retail and category trends, provides a roadmap to the latest category innovations and outlines how companies can maximize these growth opportunities to increase sales and improve the shopper experience.

Business Disruption

What will be the next big idea to revolutionize the confectionery and snack industries? This track explores what’s next in candy and snacks, including how COVID-19 and topics like cannabis and sustainability are transforming how we shop and eat.

Profitable Partnerships

As the confectionery and snack categories rapidly change and evolve, building partnerships between retailers, manufacturers and their suppliers is essential for industry success. This track highlights contemporary best practices for industry collaboration and proven paths for achieving business growth.