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Driving Sustainable Innovation: Finding Whitespace Opportunities in a Changing Consumer Landscape

Innovation is either a company’s most powerful tool or its greatest vulnerability. How organizations adapt and respond to shifting consumer patterns, preferences and competitive opportunities can determine which brands thrive and which ones barely survive. This session reveals why innovation is so hard, what keeps companies from realizing breakthrough innovation and what leaders can do to foster a more creative and innovative culture within their organizations. Attendees will learn the importance of product innovation, process innovation and retail innovation and discover real-world examples of fantastic hits and cringe-worthy failures.

Ted Curtin

Ted Curtin is a strategic global marketing and innovation leader with more than 25 years of experience encompassing brand innovation, experiential marketing, brand licensing and consumer activation across a number of brand categories and industry verticals. He is the chief innovation & strategy officer at ProdigyWorks, a creative ideation and innovation lab that grew out of a partnership with Mensa 13 years ago. ProdigyWorks’ unique approach to breakthrough innovation comes from their exclusive global network of high IQ thinkers, creative geniuses and a vast array of industry experts. From this robust Mensa-based network, ProdigyWorks combines the perfect mix of diverse thinkers to successfully tackle new product development, process innovation, brand extension and product naming and positioning initiatives for some of the world’s biggest companies and best-loved brands.